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Culture of Haryana


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Culture of Haryana

Haryana has a rich cultural heritage that gives visitors the feel of the Vedic period. The state has its own rich customs and traditions, as well as folklores to up-lift its great cultural heritage not just in India but in the whole world. Visitors can find several races, as well as the cultures and faiths here on this land. Let us explore Haryana bit by bit now and experience the rich preserved heritage of this place! To begin with- we'll talk about the festivities of this state in detail. Here we go...

Fairs and Festivals in Haryana

Pinjore Heritage Festival

Along with beautiful attractions, Haryana is also famous for the celebration of many fairs and festivals. One can witness both national and international fairs arranged neatly, and in a grand way. Most of the people from Haryana as well as the neighboring states participate in the cultural programmes like dancing, singing songs, playing music, and also participate in other cultural activities held during the fairs and festivals.

There are certain fairs and festivals celebrated in Haryana, that promise to take you away from the routine life. The most popular fairs celebrated in Haryana are - the Surajkund Fair, the Mango Mela, the Baisakhi Mela, the Pinjore Heritage Festival, the Guga Navmi Fair, and the Kurukshetra Utsav.

Surajkund International Fair

Surajkund International Fair is celebrated with a splash of colors, as well as the rhythm of drum beats that gives huge joy when participated in the Surajkund of Faridabad. This Mela comprises the unique diversity of the Indian culture and traditions, which are created to display the Rural attribute of India.

This International Fair displays the Crafts Mela that showcases some of the most keen handlooms as well as the handicrafts of India. Also, one can observe the Handmade fabrics that are dipped in grand colors; even some kinds of interesting wooden and clay dolls are found at this Mela.

Source: EYP Creations

If you attend the Surajkund International Mela, you will also find the Multicuisine Food Courts, where popular cuisines from all over the globe are displayed. There are also attractive folk performances that mesmerizes the evening for the sake of entertainment quotient. There are even delegated places for amusement, adventure rides etc. which makes Haryana a must-visit place during tis fairs.

Mango Mela in Haryana

Mango Mela is held in many parts of India, but in Haryana, it is organized during the months of June and July at 'Yadavindra Gardens' of Pinjore. This Mela seems to be a great treat for the Mango lovers.

Several types of mangoes arrive to Haryana from the states of Bihar and Punjab, HP and UP, including Haryana. This is the reason why Mango Festival attracts people with wide-spread of different shaped mangoes (both quality and hybrid) in varied price range.

The main aim of the two-day Mango Mela, is to provoke farmers to accept the latest technology to raise their mango production with ease. So that, they can grow quality mangoes, and get good ROI on the mangoes grown. The Mango Mela even offers a forum to help the farmers to sell their mangoes. It also gives a common platform for the Self Help Groups to sell their products.

Baisakhi Mela in Haryana

Haryana Tourism hosted the 'Baisakhi Mela' at Pinjore Gardens between 13th and 14th of April at Pinjore Gardens this year. While, this Festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm, at the Pinjore Gardens, where plethora of visitors become the witness of the Baisakhi celebrations.

This year, there will be a lot of fun and frolic in store for visitors. They can enjoy a delicious fare at the Food Court, shop from a variety of handlooms and handicrafts at the Crafts Bazaar & jive to the tunes of the Day Performers. There would be competitions for school students and scintillating evening cultural programmes.

Pinjore Heritage Festival

The Pinjore Heritage Festival is conducted every year at 'Pinjore Gardens' during the month of  December, and this festival is conducted to promote the rich culture of Haryana, as well as its historical tradition. This seems to be a great annual event that focus on the old Pinjore town with its amazing gardens and the entire Haryana tourism.

Before you read further, refresh yourself with this performance now...

Source: Rajdeepa

These Gardens at Pinjore are one of the oldest Mughal gardens, where the fair is organized beautifully, with a good theme of the past years.

It is decorated with varied platforms, gates, as well as the beautiful illuminations. There are also facilities such as the food plaza and shops around the fair. Also, there are parking areas that adds charm to the Festival. While, there are also certain celebrations, which include the cultural functions such as the live performances by the prominent singers, and the Indian classical dancers, as well as the poets.

Guga Navmi in Haryana

Guga Navmi is said to be a very holy festival, celebrated in Haryana. While, Guga represents a divine snake (no evil or harm caused by it) similar to 'Nag Panchmi'. People of Haryana worship the snake God during the months of August and September. Here, many spiritual legends are connected with the 'Gugga Pir', which is also well-known as the 'Zahir Pir' or 'Baggar Wala'. Guga was actually a Rajput king born at Garhdera (close to Sirsa), after 12 years of his mother' s (Bachal) penance, Guga was born.

While celebrating the festival, people used to first decorate a long bamboo tree. For decoration, many decorative pieces like the peacock plumes, hand fans, and the colorful threads are tied along with the blue flag, and a coconut as a remark to this festival and it's called as Charri or fly flap.

On the 9th day of the Sawan month, the village priest starts beating drums and takes this all around the village, and people offer their homage with 'churmas'. There are also 5 followers who dance as per the tunes of various musical instruments like the chimta, dholaks, cymbals and so on.

Gita Jayanti Festival in Haryana

Srimad Bhagvad Gita is the holy book of Hindus and Gita Jayanti Festival is dedicated to the birth of Srimad Bhagvad Gita. The festival is very sacred to Hindus and is celebrated with immense religious fervor and dedication.


Gita Jayanti Festival

Sohna Car Rally Haryana

Sohna Car Rally alias Vintage Car Rally is the festival of the old cars, which is conducted every year in the month of February at Sohna, a beautiful hilly spot located on the Delhi-Alwar Highway. Sohna Car Rally was started in the year 1964 and from that time onwards it has achieved a nation wide significance. This traditional car rally starts at Delhi and then passes through Gurgaon and finally reaches Sohna. Old cars like Rolls Royce to the rougher and tougher Fords and Austins, which once gale in the roads is now contesting with each other in the rally in order to achieve popularity. It is a tough competition in every field right from re-installation to maintenance and performance.

It is one of the major events of Gurgaon, attracting thousands of car lovers from all over the country. Sufficient accommodation facilities are available at Sohna during this time. Haryana Tourism celebrates this day with a mela event.

Kartik Cultural Festival Haryana

The annual Kartik Cultural Festival is conducted in the month of November at Nahar Singh Mahal in Ballabgarh. The festival is the joint effort of Haryana Tourism, Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Ministry of Tourism and Department of Culture, Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of India, Development Commissioners Handlooms and Handicrafts, North Central Cultural Center, North Zone Cultural Center, Ballabgarh Development and Beautification Society. and Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan.

The main aim of the Kartik festival is to promote fort ambience, martial arts both Indian classical music and dance and a rich variety of folk theatre. The festival had given new existence to the disappearing folk arts, martial arts and worked to bring traditional folk dances and music to the national stage. The visitors to the festival venue will get knowledge about the prosperity of India in the field of performing classical arts. The singers and dancers also get a national platform to perform their talents and they fully utilize this opportunity to enthrall the audience with their riveting performances.

Kartik Festival

During the Kartik festival, one could get a chance to visit the magnificent Nahar Singh Mahal which is the venue of the festival. It was built by the forefathers of Raja Nahar Singh around 1739 A.D with excellent architectural style, decorated with intricate cupola and minars. This splendid old palace comes alive during the cheerful celebrations of the festivals due to the sound of music and the movement of dance.

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Art and Craft of Haryana

Haryana Arts and Crafts are the great highlight of Haryana’s rich culture, and that all the Arts and Crafts of this State, are well-known throughout India and other countries because of its magnificent artistic skills.

Haryana Pottery
Source: TimesCity

Arts and Crafts of Haryana comprises of singing, dancing, sculpting, paintings, pottery, embroidery weaving, etc. Among all these arts and crafts, the very popular ones are the village handicrafts. Wherein, such villages are good at creating woollen works like Shawl and Kashmiri style of significant piece of art. Haryana supports only bright colours of the Arts and Crafts, which plays a very attractive and creative role of the art work. The arts and crafts of Haryana, have become the primary source of income for the rural people residing there.

Haryana is popular for making jewelleries of different kinds like terracotta, metal and mudah making. One can also find many craftsmen who are good at making zari jutti, bone carving, wooden beads, crockets, punja durries, as well as the leather works, and much more. When you visit Haryana, do not miss to watch the paintings made by the artists in and around Haryana. Also, you can spot cultural music and dance performances, especially during the religious or cultural festivals.

Paintings of Haryana

Haryana state has different types of invaders, faiths, tribes, races and cultures from around the 2500 BC and this period is witness of the blending of various painting styles. All the current painting's reference is found in the period of Aryan. The art culture and tradition is flourished in the Guptas reign in the fifth century to sixth century.

Dances of Haryana

Like other regions of India, Haryana too is famous for its own cultural and traditional way of dance and music, and both have their own identical forms. Wherein, the people of Haryana express their spirit and enthusiasm in the form of their traditional dance and music. Usually people perform their cultural dances during special occasions as well as on the festivals day, or during birthdays of their old family members. Apart from these special days, people also dance during marriages and such type of dance is popular as the ‘Khoria Dance’. Along with Khoria dance, ‘Gangaur’ and ‘Ghoomar’ are also performed with equal enthusiasm!

Enjoy the prize winning Haryanvi group dance before you read further...

Source: Anoop Lather

and Chaupaia are two other kinds of dances performed in Haryana; while, Ras is a traditional dance that is beloved to Lord Krishna; and Chaupaia belongs to both males and females, who dance using manjiras, along with the earthen lamps in their hands. Such a great ‘Deepak Dance’ becomes an everlasting memory for the one who watches this amazing devotional dance.

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Haryanvi Music

Haryana MusicHaryana is very popular for ancient folk music that is sung beautifully to create a lively atmosphere.  Especially, people drag in large numbers on the special occasions as well as the festivals. The songs sung here are of two types-classical and countryside. Classical form belongs to the great Legends (Mythological) Barahmas, as well as the Jaimal-Phatta and so on; while, Countryside music includes songs with varied ragas, that is sung in the Hindustani Style, especially during the celebrations and varied seasons.

These ragas comprises of Pahari style, Kafi, as well as the Bhairavi and Malhar style of music, and much more. Also, different types of musical instruments like the Dholak and Drum, as well as the Matka, the Harmonium, Damru and Shehnai, Manjira and Nagara, along with the Khanjri, Sarangi, Tasha and Ghunguru, etc. are played during the singing and dancing festivals.

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Haryana Handicrafts

Earthenware objects, pottery, objects made out of the cement and idols carved on stones are the main handicrafts that are sold in Haryana.

The handicraft manufacturers in Haryana shares a diverged variety of arts and crafts including pottery making, exclusive furniture and woodcarving, as well as the handlooms, etc. Wherein, the culture of  Haryana handlooms is widely spread and the textile market of Panipat is well-known for producing the soft rugs and other textiles. While, Haryana pottery is also popular due to manufacturing of the decorative pots, which highlights the state. The people of Rohtak district creates amazing clay pitchers, and other clay crafts of Haryana consisting of the Rewari tilla juttis, toys and other crafts,

Haryana Pottery

Pottery that is done with rich and bright colors, is one of the most popular occupations, which has given much importance in the rural places of Haryana. To know more about how these pots are made, one must surely visit Haryana once. You will come to know how skilful and talented the pottery artists in Haryana are! With just a pot of clay, they will prepare several pots. These people are so passionate that, different sized, colorful pots of various shapes are prepared out of their bare hands. The female members of the artist’s house, sit and paint the pots using attractive designs.

Embroidery and Weaving Haryana

Haryana is famous for various handicrafts like the handlooms, as well as the embroidery and weaving. Most popularly weaved handlooms are the shawls and durries. Haryana Shawls are very well-known because of the Phulkari, which has a great demand for its rich embroidery all over the globe. 

Phulkari Art

In Phulkari Art, one can find the motifs (birds and flowers, as well as the human personalities, etc.), which are stitched with the darning needles over the colored fabrics. The Phulkari Art and design is done on the reverse side of the cloth (both vertical and horizontal pattern). Wherein, other materials like the satin and silk are also used for extra effect.


Bagh is another type of handicraft, which includes the geometrical design, and this craft is handled mostly by the Muslims, who are good at applying colorful designs. These designs comprises animals, plants and nature, and are made on the khaddar (type of cotton cloth knitted by silk thread).


Durries are the rugs which have outstanding geometric designs, made on the blue-colored cloth with the white-colored triangle designs. While, the Panipat is said to be the durries making hub in Haryana.

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