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Sports in Haryana


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Sports in Haryana

Sports in Haryana

Haryana falls in the category of one of the top states in India in sports. Haryana stands out in sports like kho-kho, boxing, kabaddi, wrestling and judo. The Department of Sports and Youth Affairs, in Haryana, deals with the sports in the state. The department is executing various schemes related to sports in order to promote these traits among the young crowd of Haryana.

About Department of Sports and Youth Affairs Haryana

Sports play an important role in the growth of qualities like tolerance, discipline and leadership in an individual. In order to nurture these traits among Haryana’s youth, the department is executing numerous sports schemes. The various schemes are implemented through 312 competent coaches who are posted in the different districts of Haryana. Among the 312 coaches, 14 coaches are posted by the Sports Authority of India. Following are the main sports schemes:

Improvement of Sports Infrastructure

Under this scheme 15 stadiums at the district level as well as eight more stadiums have been built at Tehsil/Block level. Besides these 10 swimming pools, 4 multipurpose halls, 7 yoga cum badminton halls, 5 gymnasium halls, 1 Hockey Astro Turf in Gurgaon at “Nehru Stadium” and 1 synthetic track in Hisar at “Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural Univ) have also been constructed.

Moreover, HUDA has finished its sports complex in the Sec-3 of Panchkula. This sports complex offers the facilities of volleyball, badminton hall, cricket pavilion and athletics stadium and basketball ground. There is one more sports complex in Faridabad which is of International standard. In Rohtak, Sec-6 has a sports complex spread over an area of 83.13 acres and Motilal Nehru Sports School, Rai owns an indoor hall. Apart from these at the Chaudhary Charan Singh University in Hisar a special sports training centre has been set up to give coaching to hundred girls and boys in boxing, table tennis, athletics and judo.

Sports Nurseries and Wings

There are total 34 nurseries at Hisar, Ambala, Rohtak, Bhiwani, Panipat, Rewari, Sirsa, Faridabad, Jhajjar, Gurgaon, Jind, Narnaul, Sonipat and Kurukshetra in cricket, judo, boxing, hockey, basketball, kabaddi, wrestling, football, volleyball, table tennis, gymnastic, badminton and athletics that are run by the Department of Sports in Haryana. Besides, the various corporations or boards have adopted 11 nurseries. Sports wings that have been opened in different districts offer advanced coaching to the players and each selected player is provided with a refreshment of Rs 60 daily. Sports wings are soon to be set up in the remaining districts as well.

Sports Competition Scheme

The Sports Department organizes district, block, national and state level competitions for men, boys, girls and women belonging to different age groups. These competitions are conducted all through the year to look for new talents and also to see the development of the existing players. The state and district level competitions are known as Women Sports Festival and Rural Sports Tournament. Haryana boasts of outstanding wrestlers in the state. The Haryana Government has announced wrestling as the “State Game” and hence a special wrestling scheme is also being executed. The district Kesari or Kumar “Dangal”, Haryana Kesari or Kumar “Dangal”, state and district “Akhara” competitions are organized on a daily basis.

Incentive Scheme

In all the different sports competitions cash awards are given to the exceptional people based on their performance. 1st, 2nd and 3rd position holders are rewarded with cash prizes. Correspondingly, school or college players who are position holders are also rewarded with scholarships. After the alteration in the Sports Policy 2009, the incentives and cash awards have been increased. The state cabinet has also given approval to grant cash prize of Rs 5 lakh to people who climbed the Mount Everest after the month of March in 2005.

According to the amendment the disabled people who are the winners of Paralympic Games will also be rewarded with the same amount of cash just as the normal Sportspersons receive from National level to Olympic level. The cash prize amounts for Paralympic or Olympic Games in 2016 will increase from Rs 2.5 crore to Rs 5 crore for gold medal winners, from Rs 1.50 crore to Rs 2 crore for silver medal winners and from Rs 1 crore to Rs 2 crore for the winners of bronze medal. From 1st May 2010 the awardees of the Arjuna, Dronacharya and Dhyan Chand Awards of Haryana state are granted with an honorarium of Rs 5000 every month.

Youth Welfare Scheme

The Sports Department has implemented various youth welfare schemes like Chetna Sangh, Youth Club Schemes, Nehru Yuva Kendra and Adventure Sports to foster the all round progress of Haryana’s youth who fall in the age group of 13-35. Every year the Sports Department organizes training camps for adventure sports, trekking, food preservation, river rafting, seminars on Drug Abuse and AIDS, youth festivals, youth week and youth day in order to channelize the youth strength in the right path.

Sports Equipment Scheme

Under this scheme at the numerous coaching camps of Haryana a regular training is imparted which is totally free of cost. In this regard, equipments worth rupees one hundred and fifty lakh are bought from the Director Supplies and Disposal, Haryana.

About Haryana State Sports Council

The Government of Haryana has formed “Haryana State Sports Council” in order to encourage sports in the state. The Chief Minister of Haryana is the head of the Sports Council and Minister of Sports is the Vice President of the council. The Secretary of Sports is the member Secretary of the Sports Council. The Sports council has 8 members in total who are nominated by the President of the council.
The main aim of the Sports Council is the planning and execution of the schemes for the well being of sports persons, to encourage team spirit, build character and promote sports among the residents of Haryana through the means of sports.

The council also offers advance coaching to sports persons of Haryana to achieve high standard of sports. The council has observers who are sent to different sports competitions or tournament matches played within India as well as abroad. This not only encourages the fortitude of comradeship between the various District Sports Councils, associations but also plans and accepts the methods to spread and perk up the standard of different sports and games in Haryana.

In order to encourage the games and sports and to accomplish its goals, the Sports Council of Haryana raises funds by means of donations, grants or subscriptions.  The Sports Council also allocates money to the District Sports Associations and Councils, State Sports Associations and to sports persons who deserve it. The other functions of the Haryana State Sports Council are- building and preservation of the sports infrastructure and possessions as well as to get the financial aid from the Indian Government under different schemes.

Infrastructure for Sports in Haryana

In order to encourage sports one needs to have a strong infrastructure. For this purpose 46 nurseries have been established throughout Haryana which offer games kit, food, free hostel and training to the sportspersons. There are around 232 rural or mini stadiums and 13 sub divisional stadiums that have been established along with full-time trainers. These stadiums are managed by the school management, district authorities and parents of the athletes jointly in a true civic collaboration.

There are 21 district sports complexes and two state sports complexes. Besides this, there is also a center for research in the arena of sports medicine and a sports library. In different cities center of excellence have been set up for individual sports. Besides, there are 6 multi-purpose halls, 5 gymnasium halls, 5 hockey astro turfs, 7 swimming pools and 4 synthetic athletic tracks.

The wrestling academy in Sonipat and Rohtak and the boxing academy in the city of Bhiwani are the most popular schools which have given numerous award-winning wrestlers and boxers to Haryana.  
The available sports infrastructure in Haryana in its various districts is given below:
  • The Ambala district has War Heroes Memorial Stadium and one golf club known as the Kharga Golf Club.
  • Bhiwani district has 3 playing fields, one stadium (Bhim Singh Stadium) and one sports complex.
  • Faridabad district has 2 stadiums (NHB Stadium and Nihar Singh Stadium) and one golf club ground.
  • Gurgaon district has 2 stadiums (Tau Devi Lal Stadium and Nehru Stadium) and 3 playing fields.
  • Hisar district has one stadium (Mahabir Stadium) and only one ground known as the Haryana Agricultural University Complex.
  • Jhajjar district has one stadium (Jahanara Bagh Stadium) and one ground known as the Virender Sehwag Cricket Academy Ground.
  • Kurukshetra district has one stadium (Dronacharya Stadium) and one ground known as the University ground. 
  • Rohtak district has 2 stadiums (Maharaja Aggarsain Stadium and Chaudhary Bansi Lal Stadium) and 3 playing fields.
  • Sirsa district has one stadium known as the Shah Satnam Ji Stadium.
  • Panipat district has one stadium known as the Sports and Youth Well Stadium
  • Sonipat district has only one ground.

Popular Sports in Haryana

Listed below are some of the most famous sports played in Haryana:

Cricket in Haryana

Cricket in Haryana

The Haryana Cricket Association governs all the cricket activities in Haryana and also the Haryana Cricket Team. The Haryana Cricket team has produced some of the best players to play for the cricket team of India which include Kapil Dev, Ajay Jadeja, Mohit Sharma, Chetan Sharma, Joginder Sharma, Amarjit Kaypee, Amit Mishra, Rajinder Goel and Ajay Ratra. The Haryana Cricket team has won “Ranji Trophy” once and just once it came as runner up. In 1991, Haryana won the Ranji Trophy by defeating Mumbai by 2 runs. This victory allowed them to appear in the Irani Trophy. In 1992, Haryana won the Irani Trophy against rest of India.

Archery in Haryana

Archery in Haryana

Archery is another sport which is very popular in Haryana. The Haryana Archery Association manages the archery in Haryana. Presently, the president of this association is Abhimanyu Sindhu. The Haryana Archery Association is affiliated to the AAF or Asian Archery Federation, IAF or the International Archery Federation and IOA or Indian Olympic Association. In order to promote Archery numerous Archery academies have been set up in different districts of Haryana. In these academies players are trained and then sent to compete in the state, district, national as well as international level competitions.

Golf in Haryana

Golf in Haryana

There are numerous golf courses which are spread all over Haryana. Among these the most popular ones are – Hisar Army Golf Course, Karga Golf Club (in Ambala), Faridabad Golf Club and the Hisar Police Lines Golf Course. All of these golf courses offer excellent equipments for golfing at a very affordable rate. These golf courses also allow you to join as a temporary member.

Hockey in Haryana

Hockey in Haryana

Hockey is another game which is highly admired in Haryana. The Haryana Hockey Team participates in various “All-India” tournaments. The Indian Hockey team has around forty to fifty percent hockey players who hail from Haryana. The Hockey Haryana (or HH) is the new united body of Haryana which has the only permission to manage and perform all the activities pertained to hockey for men as well as women.

The HH was established on 24th June in the year 2009. The Hockey Haryana is a recognized association of Haryana and is affiliated to Haryana Olympic Association (or HOA) and Hockey India (or HI). The HH has drawn out a development program for an extended period with the help of HOA and Department of Sports in Haryana. This program aims to train the athletes and to give them the domestic revelation apart from the regular state level and national level tournaments.  
There are mainly 6 teams in the Hockey Haryana (HH) which are known as- Men Senior Team, Women Senior Team, Men Junior Team, Women Junior Team, Men Sub Junior Team and lastly Women Sub Junior Team.

Football in Haryana

Football in Haryana

Football is played in Haryana with great enthusiasm. Sri Deepender Hooda is the President of the Haryana Football Association (or HFA).  In order to brush up the football ability in the state the HFA has established a football academy in partnership with “Panasonic India” in Rohtak at the Maharishi Dayanand University. This football academy was inaugurated in December, 2012 by Deepender Hooda. The academy provides a residential training to maximum 30 children between the ages of 13 and 16.

The football academy aims to promote, train and help the promising footballers to take part in the national as well as the international level tournaments. In India the majority of people are thrilled about cricket and since Haryana won the maximum medals during the Indian Olympics, there is no scarcity of capacity in this state. Therefore, the football academy encourages the players to take football to a level where it can be equivalent to the enthusiasm that cricket receives in our country.

There is one more football academy in Gurgaon. Besides, there are 4 football nurseries in Rohtak, Hisar, Gurgaon and Ambala to recognize football talent from all over Haryana. With the establishment of football nurseries and academies Haryana is now producing excellent footballers due to which the ranking of India is gradually improving and will be even better in near future. Haryana also organizes Santosh Trophy, under 16 and under 21 national football tournaments within the state.

Contact Details of Haryana Football Association
Address: H. Number 9, HVPNL Clny,
Jharsa Rd, Gurgaon, Haryana
Secretary: Mr. Sunil Bharadwaj
Mobile number: 09810618217
Landline number: 01242329250
Fax number: 01242329250

Wrestling in Haryana

Wrestling in Haryana

Wrestling is also an extremely popular sport in Haryana. The Haryana Wrestling Association gives training to both men and women to excel in this sport. Sri R. K. Hooda is the Secretary and Sri Deepender Hooda is the President of the Haryana Wrestling Association. This association is located in Rohtak in Adarsh Nagar near the D-Park inside the University Campus. The Haryana Wrestling Association conducts competitions at the state level and the winners of the state level tournaments are eligible for the national level tournaments.

Kho Kho in Haryana

Kho Kho in Haryana

Kho kho is a traditional sport of India which is quite popular in Haryana. The K.K.F.I or Kho Kho Federation of India is the main body which organizes this game. The K.K.F.I has various branches that are spread over all the states in India including Haryana. Men, women and kids all are encouraged to play this thrilling sport. Kho kho is also promoted in different schools of Haryana. The K.K.F.I conducts Junior, Mini, Sub Junior and Open National Championships for men as well as women. Arjuna award, Rani Laxmi Bai award (to women), Eklavya award(to men)and Veer Abhimanyu Award(boys below 18 years)are some of the most popular awards that are awarded to the winners of Kho kho.

Boxing in Haryana

Boxing in Haryana

Boxing is another exhilarating sport of Haryana. The HSBA or Haryana State Boxing Association is the governing body of this sport which is located in Gurgaon. It is a non- governmental organization. The various awards that are granted to the winners of various boxing tournaments are given below:
  • Arjuna Award
  • Dronacharya Award
  • State Award
  • Padmashree Award
  • Rajeev Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
  • Asiad Jyoti Award

There are various boxing academies that have been set up in the different districts of Haryana which are training the budding boxers to be able to compete at the national level boxing tournaments.

Sports Achievements in Haryana

Sports Achievements in Haryana

In Haryana more and more women are adopting sports as a career. About forty percent of the medals achieved by India in the common wealth games held recently have been won by the sportspersons of Haryana. Moreover, about one third of these medals have been won by the women athletes of Haryana. Women in Haryana are getting trained in wrestling, kho- kho, kabaddi etc. and making India proud by winning the state as well as national level tournaments. Following are some important achievements in numerous sports played in various tournaments:
  • London Olympics (From 27th July-12th August 2012)
    There were 4 medal winners from Haryana out of 6 medal winners. Yogeshwar Dutt, Gagan Narang, Sushil Kumar and Saina Nehwal bagged 1 silver and 3 bronze medals in the London Olympics 2012.
  • Commonwealth Games (From 3rd Oct-14th Oct 2010)
    Haryana athletes bagged 6 silver, 21 gold and 8 bronze medals in the 2010 Commonwealth games. Prashant Karmakar who hailed from Haryana won one medal in the Commonwealth Paralympics.
  • World Wrestling Championship (From 16th Sep-19th Sep 2013)
    World Wrestling Championship took place in Hungry and from Haryana two players named Bajrang and Amit Kumar bagged bronze and silver medals respectively.
  • World Junior Women Hockey Championship (From 27th July-4th August 2013)
    It took place in Germany and the Indian Hockey team for women bagged the medal which encompassed six hockey players who hailed from Haryana. Rani Rampal who hailed from Shahbad was declared has the top scorer of this tournament. 
  • The women players in Haryana also won the overall championship in the National Women Tournaments conducted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India. In the year 2011-2012, they bagged 1 bronze, 4 gold and 4 silver medals. In the year 2012-2013 they bagged 2 silver, 7 gold and 1 bronze medals.
  • Also in Under 16 National Rural Tournaments conducted by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Haryana won the overall championship. In 2011-2012 it won 15 silver, 33 gold and 18 bronze medals. In 2012-2013 it bagged 27 silver, 35 gold and 19 bronze medals.
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