Food in Haryana

People in Haryana are simple, straight forward, and down-to-earth. So is the food of this northern state in India. Haryana is known for its vivid culture. The state is extensively rich in agriculture. That makes the food of Haryana simple and fresh with goodness of nature. People in this region prefer wholesome diet to complement their hard working daily schedule. But the most distinguishing feature of their cuisine is the generous use of milk and dairy products in it. One thing is for sure that Haryanvi people are mostly vegetarian. Hence, the state may not offer much variety to the non vegan foodies. However, you can always enjoy the sumptuous taste of its simple vegan dishes.

Food Culture in Haryana

Haryana is as rich in cattle wealth as it is in terms of agriculture. The famous Murrah buffalo and cows of this state ensure abundance of milk and milk based products for Haryanvi people. Homemade butter and ghee is commonly found in every household of Haryana. So, when you plan a visit to Haryana, be ready for a heavy dose of butter adding some extra pounds to your weight! But the underlining fact is that food of Haryana is simply lovable. So let us explore the cuisines of this state.

Famous Dishes of Haryana

The dishes in Haryana are usually simple to prepare and completely satisfying. Devoid of any complex ingredients, you will feel fuller after eating these typical Haryanvi meals. Interestingly, you will also find great influence of neighboring states, Punjab and Rajasthan, in Haryana’s cuisine. The famous dishes of Haryana include the following:
Rajma Chawal:
This is a dish famous in both Punjab and Haryana. Delicious kidney bean curry is eaten with steamed rice.

Methi Gajar:
This is common vegetable combination preferred by Haryanvis. This is a curry made from carrot and fenugreek leaves. This is a very healthy dish.

Mixed Daal:
This is a mixed lentils curry that is included in daily meals of people in Haryana.

Kadhi Pakori:
Special Dishes in food of Haryana

This is a simple but very tasty dish. Gram flour dumplings are cooked in yogurt based curry on low flame for some time, rendering it an aromatic flavor.

Daal Churma:
This is the most famous dish from Rajasthan. Due to closeness in the culture of these two states, daal churma is loved by the people of Haryana as well.

Tamatar Chutney:
It is a spicy and tangy sauce of ripe tomatoes prepared with lots of spices and some sugar or jaggery. With Haryanvi style breads, it tastes delicious.

Kair Sangri ki Sabji:
Kair and sangria are the dried berries and beans mostly found in dry areas of Rajasthan and Haryana. They are delectable prepared into a spicy curry seasoned with yogurt.

Dahi Bade:
These are quite famous across northern India. Every state has its own style of making Dahi bade. In Haryana also, it is a special recipe cooked on festive occasions. Soft dumplings are made from soaked and grinded lentils. Then, they are fried and soaked with lots of curd.

Potato Curry:
Small potatoes are used for making this delicious curry. It has rich gravy that makes it more tempting.
As mentioned earlier, there are no specifically laid out menus for non vegans in Haryana. But still, there are some specialty dishes meant for such foodies visiting the state. One such dish include Saag Ghost prepared from mutton.

Staple Food of Haryana

In the agrarian culture of Haryana, the staple diet of people is constituted of wheat. In their daily meals, Haryanvi people love to eat wheat chapattis smeared with lots of ghee. Apart from these, bajre ki roti (Millet Flour Bread) is also widely preferred by the people. Rice is eaten rather occasionally in this state. The simplicity of Haryanvi culture is reflected in this staple diet that also includes bajre ki khichdi.

Staple Food of Haryana

This dish is simple to prepare but it is full of nutrients required for the hard working schedule of people. However, whatever dish they gorge upon, ghee or butter is generously used in the food of Haryana.

Along with these, milk and dairy products are also an essential part of daily diet in this state. Milk, curd, buttermilk, and clarified butter (Ghee) completes and complements their meals. Mostly, they make ghee and butter in their kitchen itself. Homemade butter is called as Nooni Ghee in Haryana. It is considered very healthy and fulfilling for pregnant women as well. Traditionally, barley and gram flour are also used in staple diet of Haryana. They are rich in nutrients and great in taste. But with times, food culture has undergone some changes and people now rely more upon wheat in their diet.

Beverages in Haryana

Haryana is famous for its cattle wealth. As such, there is no dearth of milk and milk based beverages. These drinks are an essential part of their meals. People prefer having them fresh. Beverages of Haryana are both healthy and tasty. They carry many nutrients in them. The famous drinks preferred by Haryanvi people are:
Beverages popular in HaryanaLassi:
It is a sweet beverage prepared from fresh yogurt. It is very beneficial to beat the sun heat during scorching summers.

Chaas or Buttermilk is the famous drink that is included in the daily diet of Haryanvi people. It helps in easy digestion of food. People of this state mostly welcome their guests with glassful of chaas.

It is also an excellent drink for the summer season. Also called as Kachi Lassi, it is prepared from sweet milk with lots of other traditional spices and herbs.

It is the sweet syrup made in different ways that include khus-khus, gulab (rose), kewra, kesar, et al.

Desserts in Haryana

Delicious Desserts in HaryanaLike the people of Haryana, its cuisine is also full of sweetness. There are many desserts that are included in typical Haryanvi food.

They are marked by rich use of ghee, sugar, and dry fruits in their preparation.

Most of the desserts in this state are simple to prepare but absolutely sumptuous to taste. The famous desserts of Haryana include:
Gajar Ka Halwa:
It is the sweet dish prepared from grated carrots simmered in milk and garnished with lots of dry fruits.

Rice cooked slowly in sweetened milk with chopped dry fruits.

It is the traditional custard prepared from wheat flour cooked in sweet buttermilk.

Other desserts of Haryana include Kaju ki Barfi, Jalebis, Malpua, Pinni, Gulab Jamun, and Mitha Chawal.

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Haryanvi Thali

Ingredients in Haryanvi Thali

Dishes in Haryanvi Thali are:
  • Kachri (Sane) ki sabji
  • Saadi Kadhi (without gram flour dumplings)
  • Mixed Lentils curry or daal
  • Methi Gajar ki sabji
  • Bajre ki Roti/ Besan Masala Roti
  • Hara dhania Cholia
  • Mithe Chawal
  • Alsi ki Pinni
  • Lassi
  • Teet ka achar (Pickle of Kair tree fruit)
  • Tamatar Chutney/ Raita
  • Papad
In rural areas of Haryana, people generally prefer 2 meals in a day. They skip breakfast to have a fulfilling and sumptuous meal in lunch. Dinner mostly constitute of one pot meals in Haryana. However, urban Haryana has witnessed transition from traditional cuisines t their contemporary form. But the traditional Haryanvi Thali represents their simplicity of food in a delicious way. Homemade butter, curd, and ghee are undoubtedly used quite generously in Haryana. Their cuisine is also inspired from the nearby states. As such, some dishes in Haryanvi Thali sound more like Rajasthani or Punjabi Thali.

The dishes also vary according to season, especially, in terms of vegetables. Seasonal veggies are mostly preferred in their main course meals. Like in winters, green chana or cholia, cauliflower, snd green peas are common in daily diet. For summers, they prefer dry ladyfinger curry, baigan ka bharta, bathua ka raita, tinde ki sabji, pethe ki sabji, and ghia ki sabji.

Street Food in Haryana

Typically in smaller cities of Haryana, street food is not something you will love to spend upon. But in upcoming cities like Gurgaon, it is quite delicious and tempting for the foodies. The state has rich influence from its neighbors. As such, you will easily find lots of Punjabi dishes being served at Roadside stalls in Haryana. These eateries running on the roads are serving the authentic tastes of these states. However, in some cases, hygiene can be an issue, so, exercise caution!

Famous Street Foods in Haryana

Mostly, street food in this north Indian state is worth trying at least, once. The freshly prepared snacks and dishes prepared at these stalls attract people with their aroma. For passerby public, it is both satisfying and delicious. Interestingly, almost in every state of India, it is common to relish the spicy gol gappas and chaat on these roadside food joints only.
The Famous Street Foods in Haryana

Channa Bhatura: It includes from chickpeas curry and fried bread made from all purpose flour (maida).

Aloo Tikki: Boiled potatoes, mashed and shallow fried on tawa with lot of ghee is the highlight of this street food. It is topped with curd, chutney, coriander leaves, and spicy chaat masala.

Shakarkandi: It is the boiled sweet potato, mostly found in winters.

Chaat: All sorts of tangy spicy chaat, including mouthwatering golgappas, can be relished on the streets of Haryana.

Samosas: Stuffed with potatoes, hot piping samosas are perfect evening snack you can try at road side stalls.

Jalebis: This is the most loved sweet in India. In Haryana too, you can easily find sweet jalebis at famous street food joints.

Halwai Street, Bartan Bazaar, and Sadar Bazaar in Ambala; Main Bazaar in Kalka; Sohna Road in Gurgaon, and Murthal are the places where you can find all these and many more varieties of street food in Haryana.

Restaurants in Haryana

Despite its culture of simplicity in food, Haryana offers some of the most exotic culinary delights to its visitors. When in Haryana, you must visit these restaurants and taste their sumptuous food. Here, we have provided some of the main restaurants under each category. These restaurants are in different major cities of Haryana.

Multi Cuisine Restaurants in Haryana

The famous multi cuisine restaurants located in major cities of Haryana are:

Zanotta Restaurant in Gurgaon

Famous Multi Cuisine Restaurants in Haryana

Zanotta is one of the well known names in the region of Gurgaon. It is apex place to have Italian food prepared by international chefs. Service offered at Zanotta is altogether an exceptional experience for visitors. It is perfect combination of delicious international food, quality, and hospitality. It is excellently located in the premises of Leela Ambience, a five star hotel in Gurgaon. Remember, it is reserved place, so pre-book space before arriving for dinner at Zanotta.
National Highway No 8, The Leela Ambience, Gurgaon
Phone No: 0124- 4771255

Ooze - The Brauhaus Restaurant in Panchkula

Ooze The Brauhaus is the multi-cuisine restaurant located in the town of Panchkula. Wooden finished interior and neat ambiance make it excellent place for people. Wide range of liquors and wines are served at this restaurant along with varieties of Italian, Mexican, and Chinese cuisines. Smooth music in back ground and standard gentry makes time spend more memorable for visitors.
Sco 328, Sector 9, Panchkula
Phone No: 0172- 4641235

Hops n Grains Restaurant in Panchkula

Multi Cuisine Restaurants in Haryana

Hops n Grains is a well known restaurant and bar located in the sector 9 of Panchkula. The menu contains vegan and non vegan dishes along with Indian starters. International platters such as Penne Arrabiata, Mexican Bean Pasta, Lasagne, etc. are enormously demanded by visitors. It serves main course of Indian cuisines, Punjabi cuisines, and International culinary.
Sco 358, Sector 9, Panchkula
Phone No: 8054923855

5 Degree Restaurant in Panchkula

5 Degree is one of the excellent multi cuisine restaurants in the city of Panchkula. Located in the landscaped venue, 5 Degree restaurant attracts many people due to its wonderful ambiance and wide range of culinary. Open terrace dining option is available for visitors at this restaurant. Vegan pizza, potato fries, grilled sandwich, etc are highly demanded in 5 degree. All types of Continental, Mexican, Chinese, and Italian culinary are available here. Wi-Fi facility is also enabled for guests to enjoy internet surfing on laptops, tablets and mobiles.
Nirjhar Vatika Park, Sector 5, Panchkula

The Pasta Bowl Company Restaurant in Gurgaon

Famous places to eat in Gurgaon Haryana

The Pasta Bowl serves some of the finest Italian culinary menu in the city of Gurgaon.  Though it is relatively small in size, the food offered is a benchmark for foodies. Open kitchen and cozy ambiance make presence more exuberant for guests. Their long menu satisfies the guests with heavy expectation. Vegan and non vegan varieties are served at The Pasta Bowl Company Restaurant in Gurgaon.
GL 201, 2nd Floor, Cross Mall,
DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon
Phone No: 9811050077

Café Parmesan in Faridabad

An Italian restaurant, Café Parmesan is located in Faridabad serving best of its kinds of food. It serves authentic Italian food. People looking for quick bites or genuine dinner, both categories are well satisfied at Café Parmesan. The decorative and elegant ambiance adds to the satisfaction of visitors.
Sector 15, Faridabad

Sakura Restaurant in Gurgaon

Sakura Restaurant is a multi cuisine Japanese restaurant located in the town of Gurgaon. People desiring to have different food in region of NCR must visit Sakura which serves excellent international food. La carte platters and dedicated service bestow this place with heavy turnouts.
1st Floor, Time Tower Building,
Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Sector 28,
Mehrauli, Gurgaon
Phone No: 0124- 4200950

Prego Restaurant in Gurgaon

Where to eat in Haryana cities

Prego Restaurant is an Italian and Californian bistro located in the region of Gurgaon. The food and platters served at Prego are exceptionally delicious. Though it is expensive, but out of the course menu would certainly bring smile on the faces of foodies in Gurgaon. Excellent service staff and remarkable comfort makes it worth place to visit.
Number 1, MG Road, The Westin Gurgaon,
Leisure Valley Road, IFFCO Chowk, Gurgaon
Phone No: 0124 - 2497777

Chinese & Thai Restaurants in Haryana

It is quite interesting to find delicious Chinese food in Haryana. Every city has some small Chinese food serving restaurants. So, we have listed here the best Chinese restaurants located across the state.

Big Wong Restaurant in Gurgaon

Chinese Restaurants in Haryana

Completely transformed into Chinese food course, Big Wong is one of the paramount places to have typical Asian food in Gurgaon. Cheese rolls, pizza, starters, soups, and noodles are prepared with authentic herbs and procedure. People from all around the city arrive here to taste magnificent flavors served there. Chicken Dimsums with chilly and vinegar sauce is one of the favorite dishes at Big Wong.
G 41, Baani Square, Sector- 50,
Near Baani Hilton Garden Inn, Gurgaon
Phone No: 0124- 4233331

Oasis Restaurant in Faridabad

Oasis is one of the excellent Chinese restaurants in the city of Faridabad. It is located in the heart of town in the premises of Vivanta. The ambiance is significantly decorated for visitors, so that, they can enjoy the electric atmosphere. Food served in Oasis is truly delectable for guests along with their sophisticated wine library.
Vivanta by Taj, Shooting Range Road
Suraj Kund, Faridabad
Phone No: 0129- 4190000

Indian Restaurants in Haryana

Finding Indian food in Haryana is the easiest task. The state has some of the best Indian food serving eateries. These restaurants serve varied vegan and non vegan menus to the people visiting this state. These are some of the best Indian restaurants in Haryana.

Suruchi Indian Restaurant in Faridabad

Located on the centralized place of Mathura Road in Faridabad, Suruchi is one of the superior Indian restaurants in this region. The premise of restaurant is quite spacious and comfortable for dining. The taste of Rajasthani thali is quite exotic and demanded immensely. Alongside, South Indian, Gujarati thali and Punjabi thali is also offered at Suruchi Restaurant. In fact, it is pure vegan food joint that serves all kinds of fast food, starters and la carte platters.

Indian Restaurants in Haryana

29, Crown Interiorz Mall, 2nd Floor,
Mathura Road, Faridabad
Phone No: 0129- 4311300

Chickenette Restaurant in Faridabad

Chickenette is a decade old restaurant located in the sector 15 of Faridabad. It is dedicated non vegan food joint that serves wide range of cooked meat cuisines. It not only serves within premises but you can also take away parcels from Chickenette. Chicken Seek Kabab, Shammi Kabab, Chicken Popcorn, Chicken Kofta, Chicken Cutlets, and Chicken Fingers are popular dishes at this restaurant.
11-12 Main Market, Sector 15, Faridabad
Phone No: 0129- 2290191

Sanjha Chulha Restaurant in Faridabad

Sanjha Chulha is one of the authentic Indian food restaurant located in the region of Faridabad. It is an open air restaurant with comfortable seating. In winters, arena is decorated with some fencing along with bonfire in middle to make ambiance more pleasant and cozy. Its menu covers all dishes from mughlai, Punjabi tandoori, and authentic Indian food. Exotic starters and sizzlers are also served to enhance the range of menu they offer.
Booth 16, Part II Market, Sector 19, Faridabad
Phone No: 0129- 4048497

Yuvraj‘s Citadel Restaurant in Kurukshetra

Famous Restaurants in Haryana

Yuvraj’s Citadel is one of the finest dining restaurants located in the region of Kurukshetra in Haryana. Kurukshetra is a holy town which receives heavy foot falls throughout the year. Yuvraj’s Citadel is well placed in the heart of city serving delicious Indian culinary. Comfort of seating and expertise service staff satisfy entirely the visitors of restaurant.
Hotel Orbit, Salarpur Road, Kurukshetra

Chokhi Dhani Restaurant in Panchkula

Exclusive and traditional Rajasthani cuisines can be found at one place in Panchkula, Chokhi Dhani. Colored in the theme of Rajasthani culture, it is most happening place in the city that draws numbers of people who desire to give closer look to Rajasthani culture, art and food. At venue, visitors are obliged with traditional and grand reception. This premise is completely filled with village style art and culture. Food prepared is authentic Rajasthani food and service offered is really outstanding at Chokhi Dhani. It is nice place to hang out with family and friends in a rustic ambiance.
Amravati Enclave, Panchkula Shimla
National Highway, Sector 2, Panchkula

Mirchi Restaurant in Ambala

If you need hustle and bustle free area to dine in the city of Ambala then try food at Mirchi restaurant. Along with pleasant establishment, it is endowed with plush interior and luxurious comfort. They serve authentic Punjabi delicacies along with Indian and Chinese cuisines. Both veg and non veg foodies can enjoy mouthwatering food available at Mirchi Restaurant.
12th Mile, G T Road, Ambala

Shefali Restaurant in Karnal

Shefali is serving authentic Indian food in the region of Karnal since decades. It is one of the favorite food stations for people living around Karnal. Menu of restaurant covers all vegetarian and non vegetarian Indian cuisines as well as Punjabi platters. It is paradise of non vegan gourmets. They produce large variety of chicken along with stuffed parathas and other culinary.
Civil Hospital Chowk, Karnal
Phone No: 0184- 2267062

Dana Pani in Karnal

Dana Pani is a food court located at the outskirts of Karnal. It is well spread place in the area of two and a half acre along with five thousand square feet food court. The ambiance and décor of venue is truly exuberant. Vango, Baskin robbins, Pizza Hut, Haldiram’s, Costa Coffee, Chawla’s, and Subway are jointly established at this venue serving under one roof. The interior of venue is precisely themed on Bollywood which is good innovative creativity.
Highway No 1, Sector 45, Adjacent to CHD, Karnal
Phone No: 8800299129

Sagar Ratna Restaurant in Rohtak

Sagar Ratna is well managed restaurant located in the middle of Rohtak city. It is wonderfully decorated with plush interiors and comfortable seating. Though place seems crowded during peak times but still it is good location for exotic food in Rohtak. It is quite popular for south Indian dishes. Classy and sophisticated group of people prefer to dine here.
Opp. Sheela Cineplex, Sonepat Road, Rohtak
Phone No: 01262- 245245

Karnal Haveli Restaurant

Karnal Haveli Restaurant is an Indian food joint located in the region of Karnal. It is much talked about its ambiance rather than exotic food quality. The interior and exterior of restaurant is truly incredible. The royal treatment offered with quality and hygienic food is real treat for visitors.
G T Road, 133.5 km Stone, Karnal

Choupal or Ambala Haveli Restaurant

It is authentic cultural place of Ambala resembling traditional styles of Haryana. It is placed in landscaped area comprised in large premises. It is fully equipped restaurant serving Indian, Chinese, fast food, and other international dishes. It is complete family restaurant and people turnout in huge numbers during weekends.
G T Road, Ambala

Gold Rush Restaurant in Panipat

Gold Rush restaurant is an exceptional dining place at Panipat in Haryana. It has found its existence in the premises of Hotel Gold on Grand Trunk Road. It offers incredible dining experience to the guests of hotel and local visitors.
Hotel Gold, GT Road, Panipat
Phone No: 0180- 2654436, 4011028

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Fast Food Options in Haryana

Haryana has many fast food eateries to serve varieties of Indian and international snacks. Some of these restaurants are listed below:

Double Roti Fast Food Restaurant in Gurgaon

Double Roti is an excellent fast food joint located in Gurgaon. This restaurant is well known for its flawless taste of burgers. They prepare and serve quite a large range of fast food. Their menu comprises of sandwiches, hot dog, fries, and other such delicious instant foods.
SF 64, 1st Floor, DLF Galleria, Phase 4, Gurgaon

Hunger Cure in Faridabad

Hunger cure, as the name suggests, it is an instant food restaurant established to serve all kinds of fast food in Faridabad. Guest can have fresh salad, garlic bread, sandwiches, as well as burgers along with fries, wedges and sticks. The fast food joint also serves Italian pizza and Chinese soups to bestow people with excellent time spend over best platters.
SCF 77, Sector 14, Faridabad
Phone No: 0129- 4062300

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Café in Haryana

These are some of the best cafes located in various cities of Haryana.

Café Delhi Heights in Gurgaon

Cafes in Haryana

Café Delhi Heights is well established snacks point in the city of Gurgaon. It is placed in the heart of town at Cross Point Mall. The restaurant is much talked about for its lavishing burger but its menu comprises of many other delicious platters and snacks as well. It is one of the best places to hang out with friends in this region.
Shop No 121/ 123, 1st Floor,
Cross Mall, Near Galleria Market,
DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon
Phone No: 9911154033

Black Buck’s Coffee House in Rohtak

It is the place for young hearts. The atmosphere of Black Bucks Coffee House is such electric that it takes everyone in a flow. The set up is completely prepared to offer nice time spend for new generation. Pool game and rock music is good to enjoy along with sip of coffee.
Above Bata Showroom, Opp Kidzee, Rohtak
Phone No: 9416232059

Pyramid Café Lounge in Ambala

Cafes in the cities of Haryana

Around Rattan Chowk in Ambala Cantt, Pyramid café is the popular snacks joint for the people of city. Light music and striking ambiance rules the minds of people visiting this cafe. La carte platters and beverages are most favored of menu of Pyramid Café Lounge.
Vijay Rattan Chowk,
Ambala Cantonment, Ambala
Phone No: 0171- 4000400

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Dhabas in Haryana

The culture of Dhabas is as common in Haryana as it is in Punjab. So while in this state, you should not miss out food served by these highway dhabas. Almost every city in this state has some dhabas located on the outskirts. But Murthal is an area particularly famous for the numerous dhabas located here. Some of the famous dhabas found in Haryana are detailed below:

Sukhdev Dhaba in Sonepat

Dhabas in Haryana

It is well established dhaba for dining in the region of Sonepat. It serves as stop over place for people traveling through G T road. It is one of the largest establishments on Murthal having capacity of serving large numbers of people at same time. Stuffed parathas are favorite culinary in breakfast while typical Indian food in lunch. La carte platters or tandooris are mostly demanded in evening at Sukhdev Dhaba.
GT Road, Murthal, Sonepat
Phone No: 0130- 65440166

Bachan Da Dhaba in Ambala

If you are looking for pure ambiance to dine in the region of Ambala, Bachan Da Dhaba would be the perfect choice. Bachan Da Dhaba is a genuine vegetarian dhaba that serve Indian and Punjabi food. Although, it is quite brilliant place of dining, the prices of la carte dishes and platters are in reach for all types of visitors.
National Highway1, Ambala
Phone No: 9896240083

These are some of the best restaurants found in Haryana state. These restaurants are your must visit destination when you are in this colorful state of India.

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