Religious Spots in Haryana

Haryana is said to be the land of God, as the name itself indicates (In Sanskrit, Hari - Lord Vishnu, Ayana - Home); so, 'Haryana' means a 'Home of Lord Vishnu'. Also, it is a place of several Mosques, Churches, and Gurudwaras as well. Thus, it has become the home town of many Piligrims, who visit this state throughout the year.

Religious Spots in Haryana

The place is fully crowded during the major fairs and festivals of Haryana. Apart from the pilgrims, other tourists do visit these religious places to watch and capture the architectural beauty of all temples, mosques, churches and gurudwaras. You can find some of the most important pilgrimages in the entire state of Haryana.

Temples in Haryana

Haryana TempleThe state of Haryana is a land of several beautiful ancient temples, which have become one among the ideal tourist spots of India. These important temples are the best architectural masterpieces which are treasuries of learning and ethnicity.

There are plethora of temples in Haryana; out of which, the Bhawani Amba Temple, as well as the Kali Mata Temple (Ambala), the Shiv Temple (Gurgaon), the Bishnoi Mandir as well as the Sheetala Devi Temple are some of the most famous temples of Haryana.

The Sheetla Devi Temple situated in Haryana is a main pilgrimage point; and this place is popular as the Shakti Peeth, as Sheetla Devi (the Goddess Shakti) is the main deity here. While, the Bhawani Amba Temple is established in Ambala city, and the entire history of Ambala is highlighted through this ancient temple, since the birth of Ambala.

All the temples located at Haryana are very unique in their own ways, and all these temples have distinct, interesting and informative background.

Below are some of the famous Temples located in Haryana.

Kaleshwar Teerth in Haryana

Kaleshwar Teerth is established in Kurukshetra district, where demon Ravana (a character in Ramayana epics - killed by Lord Rama), installed the idol of Lord Shiva at this spot. Since then, Kaleshwar Teerth that is devoted to Lord Shiva, has become the holy place, and has been filled with local as well as many tourists of India and abroad.

Markandeya Temple in Haryana

The shrine of Markandeya is situated over the bank of River Saraswati, right on the road to Pipli of Kurukshetra. The place has become popular and holy, due to the divine Markandeya. Markandeya, a young boy who had pursued Tapa (meditation) at this location, and Lord Shiva appeared to him, and gave him the boon to be 'Chiranjeevi' (deathless). Since then, people arrive this place to get some peace of mind, and the temple has been built here naming it as Markandeya Temple.

Haryana Religious SpotsRadheshyam Temple in Haryana

Radheshyan temples has been established in the town of Pundarik in Haryana. And as the name indicates, there are two idols, one is of Radha, and another one is Lord Krishna (also known as Shayam, meaning black color).

If you visit this temple of Radheshayam, you can also view some other temples nearby, which are namely the Lord Shiva Temple and Gauri Shankar Temple. One can also attend the fair conducted at these temples during the occasion of Krishna Janamastami. 

Geeta Mandir in Haryana

Geeta Mandir is established close to Mardane Ghat (on the way to Pundarik), and many religious scriptures including Ramayana were written on the walls of the Mandir. People who visit this temple can read the hymns to get the spiritual knowledge. This temple best suits for the spiritual researchers, but other people can also visit this place if they love to make spiritual tourism.

Shiva Mandir of Badhot in Haryana

Shiva Mandir is situated with a distance of 40 kms from the Mahendragarh of Badhot. This Shiva Mandir was constructed by the King Dilip (a Ruler of Ikshawaku dynasty), who named it as 'Bagheshwar'. However, the name was shortened by people as 'Badhot'. Since many years, people from all over the village gather together especially during the occasions of the 'Shravana Shiva Ratri', and 'Phalguna Maha Shiva Ratri'.

Thakurdwara of Kutani in Haryana

Thakurdwara of Kutani which is 50 ft in height has been established with a distance of 23 kms from the 'Jhajjar', which was built by Shauji Singh in the year 1901. The temple is devoted to Goddess Radha and Lord Krishna, and the statues were made using 8-metal alloy which is also called as 'Ashta dhatu'; while, jeweleries weighing 50 Tolas have been put to decorate these idols of Radha and Krishna.

Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple in Haryana

Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple has been established with a distance of 5 kms from the place of  Chhachhrauli; and just 23 kms far from the location of 'Jagadhri'. It is said that, the statue installed in this temple is about 350 years old; while, devotees drive to the temple every week (especially on Tuesday and Saturday).

Birla Mandir in Haryana

Hindu Temples in Haryana Birla Mandir of Haryana is situated very close to the 'Thanesar Railway Station' (over the Kurukshetra- Pehova road). During the year 1955, Jugal Kishore Birla has built this Mandir and named it as 'Bhagwadgeeta Mandir'. This Mandir can be seen on the banks of the 'Brahma Sarovar' (Kurukshetra Shrine).

One can witness the marble chariot of Lord Krishna (preaching Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna). If you visit these temples, you can find the preachings of the sages and other religious legends carved on the marble walls of this temples, along with the holy shlokas (hymns) of Bhagavad Gita. Also, the  idols of Lord Hanuman, as well as the Lord Krishna and Arjuna are found at the premises (temple).

Chilta Temple of Yamunanagar in Haryana

Chilta Temple of Yamunanagar has been around 60 years ago till now. While, there is a praying land of 'Mahant Shri Ganga Nand Giri Ji' established at this spot. Also, this is the resting spot of Pandavas (Mahabharata epics), who halted here for sometime, before they moved towards Kurukshetra to war against the Kauravas. The picture of Lord Hanuman was placed on top of the Arjuna's chariot, and when the Pandavas halted at this place, Lord Hanuman ji appeared Himself at this spot, as a white person. After few days, Hanuman (white statue) was established here. This is the reason, the temple is called as 'Chitta Mandir', meaning 'white temple', where a fair is held every Tuesday at this spot.

Salveshwar Mahadev Temple in Haryana

Not just Birla Mandir, but also Salveshwar Mahadev temple is established in the heart of 'Brahma Sarovar of Kurukshetra. One can also find a small bridge to reach this temple, and was said to be built by 'Baba Shravan Nath'. Also, the idols of Lord Garuda, as well as Lord Narayan, Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha, are installed at this temple. Besides, there are also idols of Goddess Parvati, and Lord Shiva (Shiva Lingam) with Nandi  can be seen. Apart from these idols, you can see the idols of Lord Krishna and Balrama, as well as Lord Hanuman at this temple. These are found to be the main attractions of the temple. Salveshwar Mahadev Temple is also a place, where Mata Kunti (character in Mahabharata epics, Mother of Pandavas (Yudhistra, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva) prayed to Lord Shivalingam.

Mosques in Haryana

There are many Muslim Shrines or Mosques in Haryana which impacts the ancient rulers of Punjab, as well as represents the Rich heritage of the Muslim Rulers. These mosques of Haryana, creates a great tourist charm and thereby welcomes plethora of travelers from all over the world.

The shrines like the Lakhi Shah as well as the Taqwal Shah looks slightly different from other shrines and are established in the Ambala district, and majestically portrays the taste of the Muslim rulers. The ancient structures (Muslim Shrines) lets the tourists to move several years back (ancient periods), when the entire state of Haryana was supposed to be the blooming state with wide range of religious communities. Below are some of the most popular Muslim Shrines or mosques in Haryana.

Bu-Ali-Shah-Qalandar Haryana

Mosques in Haryana

Panipat of Haryana is filled with a great Sufi saints and scholars. While, the most popular one is the 'Bu-Ali-Shah-Qalandar', whose Dargah has been treated as a holy pilgrimage that belongs to the 13th century. Bu Ali Shah Qalandar is a great spiritualists who was famous for making miracles, had been surrounded by many people to seek his blessings. Bu Ali Shah Qalandar, a 112 years old sufi, was even honored by Anguish 'Alauddin Khilji'.

Aliwardi Masjid in Haryana

Aliwardi Masjid is presumed to be 200 years old mosque, that is established just 2 kms North from the Old Tehsil office of Gurgaon in Haryana. While, the mosque known as 'Aliwardi Masjid' was constructed by the Nawab Aliwardi Khan (the founder of Aliwardi village).

Kabuli Bagh Mosque in Haryana

Kabuli Bagh Mosque was built during the year 1526 AD, by Babur in the memory of his victory against his first Battle of Panipat against 'Sultan Ibrahim Lodi'. This mosque is located inside the natural enclosure and is surrounded by octagonal towers at all the corners, with the entrance on the north. While, there is also a gateway that is constructed using bricks with red sandstone, that consists of a lintel bracket-type opening in a large arch, that is decorated with arched corners with rectangular panels.

Muslim Shrine in Haryana

One can also enter the main prayer hall, that has a square on plan which has annexes on all the sides and its high facade that is separated in panels are plastered with lime. And every annexe has nine bays, crowned with hemispherical domes over the low drums.

Lat-ki-Masjid in Haryana

Masjid in Haryana

Lat ki Masjid located in Haryana has been built by 'Feroz Shah Tughluq', and the mosque seems to be the best example of Tughluq architecture. While, the mosque is a mixture of buildings, L-shaped sacred tank and a pillar known as Lat. This mosque has been constructed partially using Red and Buff sandstone, and another half has been constructed with rubble masonry with thick plaster. There are even stone pillars which displays the floral and geometrical designs, acquired from the destroyed Hindu temples, which support the main arched openings.

The main prayer-hall has nine bays that comprises many arches which are supported by pillars. The prayer hall has a carved 'Qibla', as well as a pulpit over the wall at the west side. Overall, it is a great
architectural mosque of Haryana.

Pathar Masjid in Haryana

The Pathar Masjid noted for its fluted minarets are constructed with red sandstone. While, the ceiling of the mosque that stands as a support on pillars is adorned with floral designs that highlights the Rich architectural heritage of Haryana.

The 'Qibla' situated at the center of the western wall, can be found on either side of the wall by two arched niches engraved with different Quran verses (hymns). While, there is a masonry terrace that builds the front court, and has been modified at a later date. Wherein, these pillars are also profusely decorated with attractive floral designs, and the bases above the moldings display as 'Chaitya', which means window motifs.

Lakhi Shah and Taqwal Shah Mosques Haryana

Lakhi Shah and Taqwal Shah Mosques are the very well-known Islamic shrines established at Ambala in Haryana. The origin of this small mosque is connected with Tej-Ud-Din Chisti, and conveys a message (peace and culture). The Mosque has a hall with a dome-shaped roof (high). Wherein, Islamic festivals are celebrated at this shrine, where a many devotees gather together, and offer their prayers. While, there are Saints of Islam known as 'Pir', explain the stories behind the holy shrine.

The shrine attracts several tourists for different purposes such as architecture, ancient history, as well as for the pious religious center.

Dini MosqueDini Mosque or Adina Mosque Haryana

Rohtak of Haryana has several mosques that represents rich Muslim architecture as well as their culture. One of the great historical mosque is known as the 'Dini Mosque', also known as the 'Adina Mosque'. There is also an underground basement in the 'Tehkhana' (Mosque) which is not open to public.

Chandpur Masjid in Haryana

Chandpur Masjid, one of the great Religious places in Haryana, has become a famous Muslim tourists attraction located in Yamuna Nagar.

The mosque is so beautifully built that, it attracts not only the people from India, but also the International tourists.

Lal Masjid in Haryana

The Lal Masjid or the Red Mosque is situated very close to the Old Tehsil Office in Rewari city, and there are two memorials called 'makbaras' located too close to the mosque, and devotees force themselves to offer their regular prayers at this mosque.

Babur Mosque in Haryana

The Babur Mosque is an ancient masterpiece of Mughal architecture, which has a beautiful garden along with a well in the mosque. This mosque is presumed to be constructed with the burnt bricks, and this mosque has arched entrances. Also, there are some local Islamic devotees who offer prayers in the mosque.

Mosque of Abdullah Nasir-Ud-Din Haryana

The mosque of Abdullah Nasir-Ud-Din has been established on the outskirts of the city. While, the mosque is one among the ancient Muslim shrines that has a best piece of Mughal architecture that is represented to the great scholar 'Abdullah Nasir-Ud-Din', who was the successor of Mushid of Iran.

Chuches in Haryana

Haryana is famous for the architectural style of buildings, and one among such style is the Gothic style used especially to build churches. Wherein, the churches of the Haryana is filled with lush green gardens, with a a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere, that lets visitors to offer prayers without any outside disturbance and feel that eternal happiness of the divine blessings.

Such amazing churches will be very well-decorated especially during the festival occasions such as Easter and Christmas. Even, the gardens which are wrapped around the religious monuments are fully decorated with colorful lights, and creates heavenly atmosphere, by dragging attention of several tourists. This makes the entire state sparkle with lights, and makes all the viewers of the decorated church, to appreciate the amazing architecture of the Churches.

Haryana Churches

Below are the some of the churches situated in Haryana.

Saint Pauls Church in Haryana

Saint Paul's Church is one of the most famous churches of Haryana, and is established in the 'Ambala town'. This seems to be the most beautiful and attractive Cathedral church that has the capacity to occupy thousand people in the single Hall. It is also noticed that, the inauguration of the holy Diocese of Amritsar has been celebrated in this church, and is said that, the church will soon be the Mother Church of the Diocese, and the building architecture seems to be really majestic and reflects the rich culture. The one who visits this church would surely have the heavenly feel.

Cantonment Church Tower in Haryana

The Cantonment Church Tower located in Haryana is said to be the historical as well as the religious shrine of the Karnal city. This tower is said to be a large ancient monument that can be seen from a long distance of 7 kms; this tower is an extraordinary British Architecture, wrapped by a huge decorated Cross, and it is about 35 meters in height.

Holy Redeemer Church in Haryana

The Holy Redeemer Church in Haryana is found to be a historical Church (constructed by the British) that holds about 800 people at a single time. While, this Church has been constructed in the Gothic style of architecture that includes a big tower, large roof and very strong pillars. Also, this church is wrapped by fresh green garden all around, and is very well-maintained. One can attend the Sunday prayers at this church.

Methodist Mission Church Haryana

Methodist Mission Church is one of the best Religious places, that has been established in the place of Sonipat (Haryana), that drags attention of many people towards the church, and has become a great tourist spot.

St. Mary Orthodox Church in Haryana

Cathedrals in Haryana

The church called 'St. Mary’s Orthodox Church' is a most attractive church which is surrounded by many trees, and lies in a very peaceful place. And it is said that, this tall church belongs to the 'Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church', where a sacred mass is conducted on every Sunday at sharp 8:15 am, and many devotees gather in the church to attend this sacred mass. While, every Friday between 6.30 P.M to 7.30 P.M, there is an Intercessory prayer conducted at the church hall, and is represented to Parumala Thirumeni.

Gurudwaras in Haryana

The Haryana Gurudwaras expand the inner meaning of the Sikhism, which dominates the land of Punjab since long years ago. The sacred belief of the Sikhs known as the 'Khalsa' is assumed to be the initial reason behind the operation of several Gurudwaras in Haryana.

The Badshahi Bag Gurudwara is located at the 'Ambala district' in Haryana, and the Gurudwara takes you back to the period of the Master of Sikhs known as 'Guru Gobind Singh'. With the intention to objurgate his followers with the sacred discourses of 'Shri Guru Granth Sahib', Gobind Singh used to instruct his students to set-up a Gurudwara in Ambala. As a result to his instruction, Gurudwara is formed in Ambala. Likewise, many Gurudwaras have been established due to different reasons.

Haryana Gurudwaras

Below mentioned are the some of the popular Gurudwaras located in Haryana.

Gurudwara Badshahi Baag Sahib and Gurudwara Gobindpura Sahib

Gurudwara Shri Badshahi Baag of Ambala City is established on the Hisar Road, where Guru Kirpal Chand Sahib (at the age of eight), arrived to the Bagh (that belongs to the Peer Amir Deen),with a white hawk. Wherein, Amir Deen planned to capture that hawk, though he already had another hawk with him. So, challenged Guru ji for the fight between two hawks. But, knowing his intentions, Guru Sahib said fight will be between Peer Amir’s hawk and two sparrows, which made Peer Amir laugh at his words. However, sparrows killed Peer’s Hawk (a kilometre away) with Guru's blessings, and Gurudwara Shri Gobindpura was built.

Gurudwara Shri Gendsar Sahib

Gurudwara Shri Gendsar Sahib of Bhanokheri is established on the way to Anandpur sahib, where Guru Gobind Sahib visited Nanke Lakhnaor Sahib (stayed 7 months). During the stay, Bala Pritam Gobind Rai ji played several games including Hockey. This is the place where Guru Sahib killed an evil Snake. Watching this incidence, many people (having skin disease as well as the communicable diseases) since a long time, came to the Guru to seek his blessings. While, Guru Sahib asked them to take bath in the sarovar nearby to get rid of their physical and mental health problems.

Gurudwara Shri Manji Sahib

Gurudwara Shri Manji Sahib established in the Ambala City, over the Ludhiana National Highway is that holy place, where Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib and Guru Gobind Singh ji arrived to this place, while travelling to and returning back from Gawalior. One can also find Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji’s  Baoli at this location.

Gurudwara Shri Mardoun Sahib

Gurudwara Shri Mardoun Sahib is located in the Bhanokheri village of Ambala, where Shri Guru Teg  Bahadur halted here for two nights, and preached Sikhism to the people during his stay. Also, when king of the village requested him to bless him with a son, and Guru ji blessed him, as per the king’s request. Wherein, king transferred large part of his land to the Guru Sahib’s name, and Guru blessed the land that people who visit this place with full of devotion, would get all their wishes fulfilled.

Shri Guru TegBahadur Sahib

There are mainly four Gurudwaras with the name Shri Guru TegBahadur Sahib, established in Jind, such as Gurudwara Shri Guru TegBahadur Sahib of Jind, Gurudwara Shri Guru TegBahadur Sahib of Dhamtaan, Gurudwara Shri Guru TegBahadur Sahib of Kharakbhura, and Gurudwara Shri Guru TegBahadur Sahib of Khatkar Kalan. These are the places where Shri Guru TegBahadur Sahib halted with his family for few months.

Gurudwara Shri Garhi Sahib of Garhi Nazeer

Gurudwara Shri Garhi Sahib is located in a village known as the ‘Garhi Nazeer’, and has become popular due to the visit of Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib, during his journey to Delhi.

Gurudwara Shri Manji Sahib and Gurudwara Shri Nim Sahib of Kaithal

Gurudwara Shri Manji Sahib is located in the Kaithal district, where Shri Guru TegBahadur Sahib stayed here during his Malwa tour. And when Guru Sahib was on the way to Kaithal, Bhai Mala Ji approached him and requested him to stay in Bhai Jugat Tarkhans house. Bhai Jugat welcomed Guru Sahib with great devotion and served him till his stay.

Neem Sahib

In the morning, Guru Sahib had his bath and took rest under the Nim Tree. When the news spread about the Guru Sahib’s arrival, people from all over the village, as well as from the surrounding villages gather to seek his blessings. Then, a Gurudwara was built and named as ‘Gurudwara Shri Nim Sahib’.

Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Chevin Ate Nauvin Sahib of Cheeka

Gurudwara Shri Patshahi Shevin Ate Nauvin has been located in the Cheeka Village of Kaithal, where ‘Shri Hargobind Sahib’ as well as ‘Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib’ arrived here. Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji visited this place, when he was travelling to Shri Nanak Mata Sahib, and met Baba Guditta ji and his disciples who captured Gurudwara Shri Nanak Mata and renamed it as ‘Gorakh Mata. While, Shri Guru Tegbahadur Ji comes here during his trip to Delhi, and Kashmiri Pandits welcomed Guru Sahib in Anandpur Sahib, and requested Guru ji to protect them from Aurangzeb, and blessed people that, whoever visits the place, will get his or her wishes fulfilled.

There are many Gurudwaras in Karnal (Haryana), which are devoted to Shri Guru TegBahadur. These Gurudwaras are launched wherever Shri Guru TegBahadur ji halted while he was traveling to Delhi via Agra.

Gurudwara Shri Damdama Sahib and Gurudwara Shri Jora Sahib 

Gurudwara Shri Damdama Sahib has been established in the 'Siana-Sayadaan'; while, one of the sikh of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, used to reside in this village, who had a keen interest to meet that Shri Guru Sahib. Guruji, upon his request, stayed for few days in his house, where Guruji saw 'Gurudwara Shri Jora Sahib',  and gifted a pair of wooden footwear to the Guru, who gave his leather footwear to the sikh, that is found till now.

Other Places of Worship in Haryana

Apart from these, there are several other places of worship which are established in different regions of the Haryana State. They are:

Bohar Monastery

The Bohar Monastery is a Buddhist shrine and also a historic masterpiece. The architecture of the Monastery is worth watching and the peace and serenity of the shrine pleases every visitor. Idols of the Buddha Gods are worshipped with great devotion. Peace and tranquility are the essence of the monastery.

Draupadi Ghat

Draupadi was said to be the wife of the mythological heroes – Pandavas (Yudhishtira, Bheema, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva) from the epic Mahabharata, who spent a year during their exile. The Draupadi Ghat is located close to the Panchvati Temple.

Buddhist Stupa

Buddhism has always been a part of Indian culture and religion. It gained great importance during the reign of King Harshavardhana. The Chinese pilgrim Yuan Chwang has described three Buddhist monasteries in Kurukshetra. The Stupa was not mentioned by him but it is believed to have existed for a long time.

The Stupa is in a ruined state now and has not been maintained for a long time. Bushes and shrubs have grown all around the Stupa and it is used as open area by locals. The dome has also been half destroyed due to lack of proper security and maintenance. Currently it is under the protection of the Department of Archaeological and Museums, Haryana.

Baba Mast Nath Math

Baba Mast Nath in RohtakThe Baba Mast Nath Math is the oldest and most popular place of Nath Sect belonging to Kanphada Yogis, located in the Asthal Bohar village. There is a huge statue of Baba Mast Nath placed outside the Math. The Math is a place of peace, spiritual learning and serenity.

The Dhooni (a flame burnt with wood that leaves ashes) is believed to be very pious and is believed to give a lot of peace to the visitor. The morning and evening Aarti are done with great devotion and drums are played during the Aarti. In addition to showing the distressed the way to peace, the center aims at providing Spiritual, Yogic, Ayurvedic, Sanskrit, Techno-Management, Medical and Paramedical education to people.

The Math has several divisions and charitable units. A Gaushala (a shed that runs on donations and charitable trusts that takes care of cattle), Yoga Center, Ayurvedic education, hospital, Laboratory for Research and Analysis, Engineering Colleges, Pharmaceutical Colleges, Schools, Nursing College, Sanskrit College etc. are the servicing units of the Math. In addition to its earnings, the Math also receives huge donations from top industrialists and reputed organizations.

Here were the religious spots of Haryana. To know more, click on the city-wise links below:
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