Shopping in Haryana

A large number of shopping centers, shopping malls, as well as many small shops have been launched across the state of Haryana. This makes buying easy for the shoppers to get everything they wish from electronics to jewellery, apparels, and much more. Let us begin with the fabric shopping in Haryana.

Fabric Shopping in Haryana

Fabric Shopping creates a great enthusiasm in every shopaholic! Especially, women have a great craze to wear different colorful attires with matching accessories and their desires get fulfilled when they get  several designs to choose.

Block Printed Fabric Shopping

Haryana Block Printed Fabric ShoppingBlock Printed Fabric best suits to both men as well as women. Men can buy block printed T-shirts, and women can find kurtis, tops and other dresses at Haryana that arrives in different shades and design, even tourists can purchase the bed accessories, curtains, etc. that has block prints.

Embroidered Fabric Shopping in Haryana

When you visit Haryana, try to buy these embroidered fabrics that arrive in normal and stamped-embroidered clothing. These are available plenty at various garment shops. Many beautiful embroidered clothes with varied designs like the floral designs, etc. encourages every tourist to get atleast one clothing from Haryana.

Handicrafts Shopping in Haryana

Handicrafts in Haryana

Handicrafts shopping in Haryana seems to be very interesting, where you will find handicrafts of varied states in India. Handicrafts in Haryana are made using bamboo, leather, as well as wood, clay and other materials. These handicrafts are meant mainly for home or office decoration purposes; even used on clothes to give it a grand look.

Haryana is notified for being the center place to own a huge collection of paintings that are available in plethora of styles related to different periods. Along with which, craft of sculpture making is focused all around the central and northern regions of Haryana. Similar to other states, it is believed that, God himself has created a foundation of such sculpture in Haryana during the ancient period and now the same types of arts and handicrafts are seen in the entire state of Haryana.

Clay and Terracota Shopping in Haryana

Though there are several clay and terracota materials available in Haryana, these hukka crafts have a great demand, along with the potteries.

Hukka Crafts

Hukka, which is also well-known with the name chillums (smoking pipes) are normally used by the people of Haryana apart from Rajastan. And these hukkas arrive in different materials such as clay, metalic as well as marble hukkas. However, clay hukkas have become trendy in Haryana. These hukkas are displayed, especially by placing an earthen pot at the center. To make this work effectively, they will put smoking resources at first, which will be burnt in less time. Earlier these were supposed to be used in the villages, but they have become just a decorative items in recent years.

Haryana Hukka ShoppingOne can find these decorative hukkas with fancy accessories. Apart from these, even tea pots, plates and cups, etc. and are also seen.

Potteries Shopping in Haryana

Pottery making in Haryana is very well-known craft like other provinces in India. These Pots are made out of clay and are easily available at a very affordable price. If the potter creates the pot with his bare hands through rotating the wheels, the women in their family puts beautiful colors with attractive designs to the pots. Similar to this, even clay toys are made. Such kind of creative and artistic Potteries are broadly found at the Rohtak district of Haryana.

Leather Craft Shopping in Haryana

Tilla Jutis or Leather shoes are one of the best crafts developed in Haryana. All these leather shoes have a great exciting designs made out of the colorful threads such as silk, silver, and copper which gives the leather shoes an exotic look.

Leather Crafts

Now-a-days, craftsmen are also using beads, and other decorative to make shoes glamorous! Tourists can buy these juttis (available for both formal and parties) which are not only beautiful, but also more durable and are available throughout the year.

If you have a flair for buying the footwear, then you can once move around Haryana and buy all types of footwear that are meant for old and young, men,women, and kids as well. These are available as and when you walk through different destinations.

Changeri Craft Shopping

Changeri or Baskets is a very basic material, that is used by many women in Haryana. This type of basket (made out of the wheat grass) arrives with lid and becomes more comfortable to hold. The basket is sometimes painted by the women folks, or they will use these stalks with its natural color. However, some wheat stalks will get twisted to prepare a very pretty baskets.

These women have started to make this normal craft into a commercial one. People are now, becoming too busy in preparing the dining, bedding, and other accessories.

Shopping for Sweets in Haryana

To shop the sweets and bakery items, there are several shops, among which ‘Om Sweets’ is the one where you will be able to get all types of Handmade Chocolates, Milk and Milk Products, Punjabi as well as Rajasthani Sweets to name a few. Tourists will enjoy variety of Sweets, Salty and Spicy food that helps them satisfy their too much of hunger, while visiting to different destinations.

Handlooms Shopping in Haryana

Haryana is also famous for supplying handloom products, and the Panipat (town) is much notified for its exclusive hand-knitted woolen carpets. Also, some other types of Jute Crafts and different kinds of Carpets are available throughout the state of Haryana.

Phulkari Shawls Shopping in Haryana

The Phulkari shawl is a similar kind of shawl that is manufactured in the Kashmir. However, the cloth used to do Phulkari is simply made of great quality, and and looks awesome with the elegant embroidered work. While, you can find the attractive colors along with some unique features. The name Phulkari is a Hindi word - Phul meaning Flower, and Kari means doing or crafting (i.e., Phulkari means 'Flowery Craft'). Such kind of work is mainly done on clothes using attractive designs and colors. These are done especially on the normal clothes, Scarves and shawls.

Bagh Shopping in Haryana

Bagh is said to be an another type of Shawl craft, where geometric designs are done and followed by most probably the Muslim workers, who use colorful designs. These designs have been made using the different natural designs like the animals, nature, etc. (elephants, trees, flowers, gardens, and so on). Such type of art is done on Khaddar (i.e., coarse cotton cloth with silk thread).

Durries Shopping in Haryana

Like Jammu & Kashmir and Gujarat Durries, even Haryana is good at making varied kinds of durries with amazing geometric designs (made on the entire rug). People of Haryana are more popular to make durries on the blue-colored cloth (white triangles are designed on it). In Haryana, durries-making has been much recognized in and around the city of Panipat.

Shopping for Decorative Items in Haryana

If you visit Haryana, you will get confused as ‘what to buy’ and ‘what not’, as large collection of decorative items are sold in many stores. You can find home decor that includes artificial flowers, wall clocks, show pieces, artistic pots, wall art, dolls and soft toys, wood carved items, and lot more. Visit to the crafts shop once, you will get excited to see the varied items for your home.

Dolls and Toys Shopping in Haryana

Dolls are the main attraction for every mankind and the artists of Haryana likes to share the image of rural or village through their doll making skills. The dolls are designed in such a way that, the utmost rural beauty depicts the real village scenes. Seeing these dolls, anybody can make out the Haryana rural culture. These dolls range from 6 inches to 32 inches and the dolls are so realistic that, it becomes hard to accept that dolls are made out of hand, such a beautiful are these handcrafted dolls.

Dolls and Toys

Different types of dolls are manufactured from religious to historical, etc. If you see the doll images of God and Goddess (Sita and Ram of Ramayana) with the proper costumes and jewellery, you feel glad. Other than these dolls, tourists can also buy the toys that are made out of the wood, metals, and others. Bright colored wooden toys of Haryana are famous which include infant walkers and many other pull and push toys made by the local artists.

Munj Grass Shopping in Haryana

Haryana is a land of producing the dry cane in its fertile land, which is also known as the 'Sarkanda'. Wherein, these cane strips are entirely dried out and later twisted to create different exotic designs. Also, such products come in handy and are used to produce the furniture, mats and so on... also they are said to be long durable products.

Apart from this, these women of Haryana are too strong and give complete dedication to their work. And that, these women are dressed completely in the traditional way, and also hand fans are prepared from these Sarkandas. While, these women also paint such hand fans with the natural and chemical dyes to give it a modernized look. Apart from these, even multicolored wool is used on these fans to make it more attractive.

However, there are also the bamboo sheets as well the chicks which are used in the form of curtains to get sun protection during the summer season, and are commercially sold in amazing hues and designs.

Bamboo Craft Shopping in Haryana

Bamboo craft is an some old craft that will be practiced exclusively because of its great qualities. Wherein, there are mudas of Haryana, where the low stools are prepared out of the locally available munj grass. And these stools are trendy these days, which have cane and bamboo products in almost all the households which have a great demand.

Crafts in Haryana

While, Craftsmen work so neatly that, they give the old items a new look and thereby create a great trend of jute strings for designing. There are also decorative furniture, as well as other decoration items that are manufactured from the Bamboos in Haryana.

Wooden and Bone Carved Items Shopping in Haryana

There are several types of carvings done over the wood as well as on the bone, that includes the Rose wood, the shesham, as well as the sandal wood that are most commonly used in Haryana. The types of work includes the Jali or Trellis work which is even too famous here at Haryana.

Jeweleries Shopping in Haryana

Shopping jeweleries should not become a problem for the tourists, as there are wide collection of Brass ware and Metal ware items available in many jewellery shops, apart from the Diamond, Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze items. Some of the shops name along with their addresses is given as below.

Brassware Shopping in Haryana

Haryana is famous for its 'Brassware items', which are usually manufactured by the Jagadhri town and this town is notified for both metal works as well as brassware products like the utensils. However, the production of brassware has been reduced due to the high cost. After sometime, Jagadhri started to make the high quality Aluminium as well as the stainless steel products and others.


Metalware Shopping in Haryana

Metalware though very time-consuming craft, it results in developing the very attractive metallic products. These items are manufactured by the creative craftsmen who involve in melting the old scrap, and then convert the collected molten into the moulds for the purpose of shaping these metalware. Wherein, these metal alloy is used for the sake of hand polishing. There are also other professional artists who polishes the items in a better way to give the shining to these metalware, as well as make them durable for a longer period.

No: 76, Shopping Mall, Phase-1, DLF, City Phase I, Gurgaon.

Shopping Malls in Haryana

The entire Haryana shines with excellent malls and provides superb infrastructure for all those who look-up for both high-end and mid-level shopping experiences.

Along with this, malls spread a collection of marvelous rich buildings, which force tourists to spend long hours in the malls, and have wonderful shopping experience with friends and family at the fast food joints in the malls.

With the mall culture where there is a huge hit, people always want to find out popular and trendy locations to shop, and hang out for sometime. Here are some of the six trendiest malls in Haryana.

Haryana Shopping Malls

The Ambience Mall Haryana

The Ambience Mall at Gurgaon (Haryana), is definitely one of the top five malls in the State that you should not miss visiting. At this store, you can find both national and international brands, along with some game arcades, that seems to be the best place for better time pass. Also this mall is definitely the ultimate one, that is worth for the money you pay.

Jop Square Mall in Haryana

Jop Square Mall located at Rohtak (Haryana) is another mall that is quite popular and it is near to few leading schools and colleges in Haryana. The mall is said to be the best destination for the visitors to rest, especially for the tourists who visit the other close attractions like the Dehradun and other popular destinations.

Sahara Mall in Haryana

Haryana Sahara Mall

The Sahara Mall, which is located at Mehrauli road in Gurgaon, is said to be one among the famous aged malls, that can be reached via rail or road ways and even prices are quite reasonable. This mall has many food court, as well as the pubs, etc. There is an interesting Korean Restaurant here on the top floor.

MGF Metropolitan Mall in Haryana

MGF Metropolitan Mall is one more mall that has been welcoming visitors, since the time it has launched. One can find all popular brands at these retail showrooms. And this mall also includes various famous food brands, which attract people through different delicious food.

Galleria Shopping Complex in Haryana

Galleria Shopping Complex is a marvelous place to shop and an awesome place for eating. This mall is best for everything that you need to buy on regular basis. There is also a splendid complex to spend best time in the evenings, watching the colorful fountains at the complex center.

DLF Mega Mall

DLF City Center Mall in Haryana

DLF City Center Mall established on MG Road has various stores such as the Pizza Hut, jewelers, etc. and the mall will be opened from 10.00 a.m regularly and closes at 11.00 p.m. There is a DT Cinemas multiplex (4 screens), which is the main attraction of this mall that displays both Hindi and English movies. There is also a lifestyle store that has a variety of famous shops like the Reebok and others. Even, there are many restaurants in this mall. Apart from these, the mall provides good good parking facility (more than 500 vehicles park at a single glance) in the ground floor.

Gold Souk Mall in Haryana

Gold Souk Mall is established in Haryana, that comprises of many local and international jewelry brands. It lets its customers to make a choice of classy jewelry that ranges from the graceful earrings to the ornate necklaces. This mall opens from 11.00 a.m to 9.00 p.m, but the food court present in the mall is opened till 11:00 p.m. Hope the above information gives you good idea about what to buy and where to buy in Haryana.

Hope the above information gives you good idea about what to buy and where to buy in Haryana.

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