Tourism in Haryana

Haryana was a part of Punjab for a long time; later, during the year 1966, it got separated and became an independent state that lies North of India, with a common capital - Chandigarh! Not just Punjab, but Haryana is also a part of Delhi on north side.

Haryana Tourism

The entire city of Haryana sparkles with many interesting palaces, national parks, monuments, historical and religious spots, etc. Below are some of the famous and notified tourist places of Haryana. No matter what kind of trip you make to Haryana, it becomes your favorite spot to come back to! Let us pick some top cities for you.

Top 10 Destinations in Haryana

Twenty one tourism hubs have been created by Haryana Tourism, which are located in Ambala, Bhiwani, Faridabad, Fatehabad, Gurgaon, Hisar, Jhajjar, Jind, Kaithal, Karnal, Kurukshetra, Panchkula, Sirsa, Sonipat, Panipat, Rewari, Rohtak, Yamunanagar, Palwal and Mahendergarh. These are for the convenience of tourists visiting Haryana.

Tourism in Gurgaon

Gurgaon TourismGurgaon is one of the popular places of Haryana, which got its name in the time of Mahabharata. It's a name given by Pandavas. Pandavas, students of Dronacharya, gave the land as a gift to their teacher. Hence, the name came into existence as Gurugram, later became Gurugaon.

Earlier Gurgaon was novice, but today it has become a very attractive destination that includes pubs, hotels and restaurants, Damdama Lake, the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Kingdom of Dreams etc.

Within 15 years, the city has developed into a giant business hub.

What to Eat in Gurgaon?

Gurgaon EateriesFood from all around India is served in Gurgaon and you can try the one that is most favorite to you.

In fact, there are several food items that are prepared out of the Ghee, Milk and Buttermilk in common.

Paneer is used in preparing chicken, egg dishes as well. You can try north Indian dishes like Chole, Kulche, Keema, and other delicious platters here.

Where to Stay in Gurgaon?

If you visit Gurgaon, you will not face a problem in finding a proper place to reside, as there are plethora of Hotels and Restaurants, as well as the Cottages that are available for your comfort stay.

Tourism in Panipat

Panipat TourismPanipat has become a very interesting tourism destination due to the establishment of many mosques, temples, tombs, and even the graves of the legends. It is said that, this city of Panipat was one among the 5 major cities known as 'Prasthas' founded by the Ancient Famous Warriors 'Pandavas' (Epic Mahabharata).

If you visit Panipat, you can see the Kabuli Bagh Mosque, as well as the Tomb of Bu-Ali Shah Kalandar, along with the Salar Gunj Gate, the Shri Ram Sharanam and Devi Temple, you can also visit Kala Amb and the most popular Panipat Museum.

The Grave Of Ibrahim Lodhi as well as the Hemu's Samadhi Sthal are also a very famous attractions in Panipat.

What to Eat in Panipat?

In Panipat, you can have various food items such as the Channa-Batura, Dhal Makhani, Dahi Bhalle and other delicious Punjabi Cuisines. And all these food items are available in all the places as you visit different attractions in Panipat.

How to Reach Panipat?

How to Reach PanipatReaching Panipat becomes easy via buses or taxis, as it is very well-connected by roads. Also, railways are a good means of transport to Panipat.

But, there are no flights to Panipat, as nearest Airport is the Delhi Airport. So, you need to get down at Delhi by flight and thereby pick the local taxis or buses to reach Panipat.

Where to Stay in Panipat?

There are several 5 star, 4 star as well as the 3 star hotels in Panipat. This makes you to stay comfortably at any region of Panipat.

Tourism in Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra  is a very well-known place that is highlighted in the epics Mahabharata, where the war for righteousness was held between the Pandavas and Kauravas. Now, this place has become a center of attraction and a major tourists spot in Haryana. Kurukshetra was founded by the notified king 'Kuru'. Thus, the place is renowned as Kurukshetra (Kuru – name of the king, Kshetra – Place or Land; Kurukshetra – Place or Land of Kuru).

Kurukshetra Tourism

This is the same place where Lord Krishna taught the theory of Karma to Arjuna (his disciple, friend, and follower), as prescribed in Bhagavad Gita. Kurukshetra is such a holy land that, even the Lord Buddha and other Sikh Gurus visited this place.

The place is also famous for its several lakes, archeological temples as well as the museums that displays the records of the Harappan Civilization.

What to Eat in Kurukshetra?

You can eat any thing you wish in this city, as lots of Indian cuisines are available at many places. However, you can try to have some Punjabi Cuisines like the Mixed Dhal, Kadhi Pakora and others. While, you can have some fast food at the Dominos Pizza, the Sec-17, Tripati Foods, Dosa Plazza at Kessal Mall, Pizza Italia and so on.

How to Reach Kurukshetra?

To reach Kurukshetra is not much of a task as roadways and railways are very well-connected to Kurukshetra. In case you want to travel by flight, you need to choose the nearest destination (i.e., Delhi and Chandigarh). From any of these places, you need to pick local taxis or cab, or the buses.

Where to Stay in Kurukshetra?

When you reach Kurukshetra , you can reside in houses, apartments, cottages, resorts, hotels, villas, and others. Few of these include the Hotel Pearl Marc, Heritage Hotel, Hotel Silver Sand, Hotel Mezbaan Regency and some other hotels that could help you to quickly make bookings.     

Tourism in Panchkula

Tourism in PanchkulaPanchkula is said to be the satellite town that has been ruled by the Chandels between 9th and 12th century. The name Panchkula has been derived from the irrigation canal, called 'Kul'.

Panch means 5, and Kul meaning canal, overall Panchkula is nothing but the 5 irrigation canals which were ruined by the Chandels.

If you visit Panchkula, you can visit the Cactus Garden, Mansa Devi Temple, the Nada Sahib as well as the Yadvinder Garden, including the Ramgarh Fort, the Morni Hills and the Pinjore Gardens etc.   

What to Eat in Panchkula?

If you want to have lunch and dinner at Panchkula while you are on the way to visit some other attractions, you can have some Methi Gajar, Besan Masala Roti and other Punjabi lip-smacking multi-cuisine dishes. Not just veg but you will also find the non-veg items at Panchkula, try it out to enjoy the different taste.

How to Reach Panchkula?

Tourists can easily reach Panchkula via buses and railways. In fact, there are regular buses to Panchkula.

Where to Stay in Panchkula?

Panchkula, the best halting place while visiting to Shimla and other nearby places, you can plan to stay at 4 star hotels in Panchkula. These 4 star hotels are the KC Hotel & Spa, The Fort Ramgarh and Golden Tulip Chandigarh Panchkula. However, you can also stay in some 3 star and 2 star hotels as per your budget.

Tourism in Narnaul

Narnaul, a historical town of Mahendragarh is found to be a very important place of the Dwapar Yuga (Mahabharata). This town constitutes the archeological charms of the Mughals, Rajputs, Persians as well as the British. Also the region is said to be the birth place of Birbal (One of the 9 brilliant Ministers in the King Akbar's Palace).

Narnaul Tourism

The most famous tourists spots that are visited at this city are the Dhosi Hill, the Jal Mahal, as well as the Tomb of Ibrahim Khan Sur, the Tomb of Pir Turkman and Tripolia Gateway are the main places to visit at Narnaul. One can also visit the Tomb of Shah Wilayat along with the Chor Gumbad. Even you can move to other temples such as the Khalde Wale Hanumanji Temple, Modawala Mandir and Chamunda Devi Mandir as well.

What to Eat in Narnaul?

In case, you want to eat something in Narnaul, you can have Chinese, Indian and other cuisines.Tourists can enjoy the most delicious cuisines such as the Besan Masala Roti, Rajma and other cuisines. These are the very basic food available in Narnaul, but do not just end-up with these, try out other delightful dishes as well.

How to Reach Narnaul?

Narnaul is well-connected by road to Gurgaon, Delhi, Mohindergarh and Rohtak. Thus, one can take buses or local taxis from these places. There is a best Railway junction to the Narnaul connected from Delhi to Ringa and Abu Road, then connected to Ahmedabad and Mumbai section. Interesting thing is that, there are just 7 trains which run nicely over this section. Delhi and Jaipur are the two domestic as well as International Airport that are best connected to Narnaul.

Where to Stay in Narnaul?   

When you visit Narnaul, you can stay at these resorts and 3 star hotels, which are namely the Village Resort, the Vivek Hotel, as well as the Hotel Sun Plaza and others. Tourists can also stay in 4 star and 5 star hotels that are very near to the town of Narnaul.

Tourism in Karnal

Karnal TourismThe city of Karnal has been established since the time of Dwapar Yuga. Karnal is the name of the King Karna in Mahabharata and was named during the era of 1739.

Here the Karnal Fort, Karnal Lake as well as the Mughal Bridge can be seen.

Visitors of Karnal can move to the Kalander Shah's Tomb, the Devi Temple as well as the Sita Mai Temple, the Cantonment Church Tower and tombs like the Miran Sahib's Tomb, the Gurdwara Manji Sahib, as well as the Bhara Mal's Sarai, the Old Fort and Dargah Nuri which are the main tourist attractions in the Karnal District.

What to Eat in Karnal?

In case, you would like to eat something in Karnal, you can visit these fast food and dining restaurants – CHD Daana Paani, Oasis Fast Food Restaurant, Chopstick The Food Hut, Flavorz Restaurant, Haribhog Restaurant and so on. Here all types of food is available.

How to Reach Karnal?

Karnal can be reached via buses, and trains, but not flight. Suppose you want to travel by flight, you must travel till Chandigarh from your place. From here, you will get several buses and taxis to reach Karnal. If you choose trains or buses, you will find many regular direct buses and trains to the city of Karnal.

Where to Stay in Karnal?

When you choose to stay in Karnal, you can select hotels like the Hotel Sagar, Leela Grand Hotel, Jewel's Hotel, Karnal Haveli and lot more. Any of these hotels will give you extreme joy and comfort that makes your stay memorable.

Tourism in Hisar

This city of Hisar (Haryana) has been established on the north-west of Delhi (National Highway) and is founded by the Firoz Shah Tughlaq, who had kept his own name to the city called 'Hisar-e-Firoza' earlier. The meaning of Hisar in Persian language is the 'Fort' and Firoz is the King's name, meaning of Hisar-e-Firoza is the 'Fort of Firoz'. The city was called with the same name for the 2 decades, then after the death of King Akbar (1605), the city became 'Hisar'.

Tourism in Hisar

The city of Hisar has become one of the giant tourism hub that includes the Ancient Gumbad, Ancient Mound (Agroha) and Ancient Site of Rakhigarhi, also places like the Baradari and Barsi Gate, the British Palace, as well as the Durgah Char Qutab, the Feroz Shah's Palace and Tahakhanas, even the Fort of Hansi and Fort of Prithvi Raj can be seen here. There is also a Gujari Mahal at this destination of Hisar. While, tourists can even visit the Jahaj Kothi and Lat Ki Masjid, along with the Ruined Quila (Fort).  

What to Eat in Hisar?

If you want to have some fast food, then you can go to Mcdonalds Family Restaurant, Subway Restaruarnt and Oasis Restaurant, which serves you with variety of fast food items. However, you will also find many restaurants that gives you several options to dine.

How to Reach Hisar?

To reach Hisar, you need to select either the Trains or Buses, as no direct flights are available to Hisar. However, there are 2 direct trains from Delhi to Hisar, they are namely the Gorakdam Expres and Kisan Express. You can also travel by your local buses as well.

Where to Stay in Hisar?

There are many hotels in Hissar (Hisar) to stay, to name a few are the Midtown Grand, Hotel Grace, etc. In order to get all the comforts for your stay, you can choose any of these hotels at Hisar.

Tourism in Sonepat

Sonepat is said to be founded by the King or Raja Soni (13th) during the time of Mahabharata and it was named as 'Sonaprastha'. The name has been changed later to Sonepat which was the part of 2 districts (Delhi and Rohtak), then it got separated.

Sonipat Tourism

Sonipat has been a major tourist center like other cities of Haryana. The city has many temples and these are famous for their splendid architecture. The temples include the Mahavir Jain Temple located on the Mission Road of Sonipat, the Atlas and Shambhu Dayal Temple (Lord Shiva Temple), the Baba Dhaam and Shani Dev Mandir, Khwaja Khazir Tomb, Geeta Vidya and the Prachin Hanuman Mandir established on the Gohana Road, as well as the Sai Dhaam that is situated at the I.T.I. Chowk in Sonipat.

What to Eat in Sonepat?

Sonepat is famous for its special monsoon dish called 'Ghevar' while the sub-part of Sonepat (Gohana) is popular for jalebi. Tourists are free to have any of the mentioned food. You can have Gajar ka Halwa (Carrot halwa), Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, etc. as well. For lunch you can taste north indian dishes like mutter paneer, shahi paneer and so on. With wide variety of options to choose from, food in Sonepat would surely attract you.

How to Reach Sonepat?

Sonepat  can be reached via Delhi and Dehradun (Uttarkhand) from flight, which takes approximately 43 and 176 kms respectively. Also, there are regular buses and trains to Sonepat . So, visiting to Sonepat should not become a problem for travelers.

Where to Stay in Sonepat?

Sonepat is another beautiful place, which comprises of several hotels, villas, guest houses, and restaurants for the tourists to rest with comfort. As a traveler, it is better for you to choose any of economy class hotels that is within your budget. However, you can try these Hotel Dewan Palace, Shree Radhika Guest House, Jurassic Park Inn, Shree Radhika Guest House, and Shahi Villa that provides you all the care and comfort till your stay.

Tourism in Rewari

Rewari is said to be the name of the king Rewat, who had a daughter named Rewa, and she is the wife of the Lord Krishna's Brother (Balaram). While, King Rewat named a city as Rewa Wadi, and granted to Balaram, as a means of dowry. In later stages, this city Rewa Wadi became Rewari.

Rewari is famous for many temples like Mata Kali Mandir, Mata Sherowali Mandir, Shiv and Hanuman ji Mandir, Krishna Mandir and many more. The city is also popular due to the giant shopping malls and shopping complexes located all over the city.

What to Eat in Rewari?

Rewari EateriesWhat else do you need in Rewari? Tourists can have all types of food items including Fast food, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, etc. When you visit these food centers like the Pragati Spices, Basdev Wale and other food centers, as well as small and large hotels and restaurants that serves mouthwatering cuisines at a very affordable prices.

There are several delicious items to eat in Kaithal, among which you can try some North Indian or Punjabi dishes. Aloo tikki, makhani roti, lassi, masala rice are the few best items that you can give a try here.

How to Reach Rewari?

Tourists can get down at Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi), which is nearly 69 kms from Rewari. Even several trains are available to Rewari like Rewaro, Kumbhawas Munda and Alwar; one can choose any of these trains to reach Rewari.While, buses are very common to Rewari.

Where to Stay in Rewari?

Since Rewari is found to be best center for industries, it has become the center of attraction for different businesses, and there created a need for accommodation at this place. Keeping in mind about these aspects, Rewari started to grow with varied numbers of hotels, resorts, etc. thereby giving great opportunities for the tourists to stay with more comfort in Rewari, as and when they need. Some of these accommodation include the Jungle Babbler Tourist Resort, Hotel Grand Metro, Aravali Resorts, and many more.

Tourism in Kaithal

Kaithal Tourism Kaithal has been another wonderful tourist attraction of Haryana, that is said to be the birth place of Lord Hanumanji. Hanuman (Kapi), Place meaning Sthal; hence, the city got its name as 'Kapisthal', which later called as the 'Kaithal'. There are many attractions that attracts tourists from different parts of India and abroad with their amazing beauty and sanctity.

Some of such attractions in Kaithal include the Kaithal Fort, Kaithal lake, the Ancient Baoli, Ancient Bricks Temple, Ancient Site of Thehpolar, Palaces of Bhais, Hanumaan Mandir, the Nine kunds, the Palace at Pihowa, Tomb of Sheikh Tayyab, Topiyon Wala Gurudwara, Neem Sahib, Vidyakar Teerth (Vriddh Kedaar) and Anjani Teela, etc.

What to Eat in Kaithal?

If you want to have fast food, you can visit the Bean n Bun, Om Daan Restaurant, Bells Fast Food, The Burger Boy and other fast food restaurants. Suppose you are looking for dining, you can move to Chacha Bhaticha Dhaba, Janta Vaishno Dhaba, Rajat Dhaa, etc. Here, you will find the best dining options.

How to Reach Kaithal?

Kaithal can be reached in 3 different ways - trains, buses and through flight. But, the nearest destination or station to reach Kaithal is the Chandigarh. You will never find such nearest and safest traveling to reach Kaithal, except Chandigarh. This place is the one and only one that assists tourists to reach Kaithal quickly without any hassles of heavy traffic.

Where to Stay in Kaithal?

To stay in Kaithal, you can select any good Resorts, Hotels or Cottages. Even apartments, guesthouses or resthouses would be better for your stay. Few are namely Motel Koel, Sainik Rest House,
Hvpn Rest House

Where to Stay in Haryana

Hotels in HaryanaHaryana is a largest state and to stay in this State is not at all a problem. One can reside in Faridabad, Gurgaon, Sonepat and many different places. However, it is good to stay at Gurgaon, which is very well-connected to Delhi as well as Noida.

Gurgaon seems to be a center place for many cities and good for the tourists to visit various attractions from here. If you visit Gurgaon, you can find plethora of 5 star, 4 star, and 3 star hotels for your luxurious comfort. Even some other economical hotels are available as well, along with the ready apartments, cottages, guest houses, etc. Tourists are free to choose the one that is most comfortable to them.

Monuments in Haryana

Haryana Monuments

Haryana is clubbed with many Historical Monuments, which includes palaces, tombs and museums, as well as the forts that represents the beauty of the architecture and so on. These beautiful ancient buildings belong to different dynasties and the Rich culture of Haryana. While, the monuments include ancient tombs, palaces, forts and museums.

The State of Haryana is famous for its rare and unique monuments in the world and have been a great  living examples of the ancient culture and traditions. If you visit Monuments of Haryana, you feel as though you are in the ancient century and lets you to explore the entire history of Haryana, along with the ancient Haryana civilizations. Because of the great architectural beauty, these monuments create attention of huge volume of tourists from all over the globe. 

Tombs in Haryana

Haryana Monuments

The tombs have been established by the popular emperors in the memory of their beloved ones and monuments are built to commemorate their victories over the battles, as well as to hide and protect themselves from the sudden enemy attacks.

Badli Sarai in Haryana

Badli Sarai  is one of the gate at present, but earlier it was a battleground where the war was held during 8th June 1857 (the war was between the 'Gordon and Rebels'). There is also another amazing structure that seems to be a part of the Badli Sarai. The place has a large sandstone column that is just a distance of 500 meters towards the North direction.

Barsi Gate in Haryana

Barsi Gate located at Hansi was constructed by the very well-known Emperor 'Alaudin Khilji' in 1303 AD', and the building has been constructed using the Sultanate-style architecture. The gate was constructed in a wide protective Islamic style of structure. And among the 5 exclusive gates of the ancient Hansi, Barsi Gate seems to be a majestic architecture of the ancient period, reformed by 'Ibrahim Lodhi'  (another popular Ruler) in the year 1522 AD and the gateway (greater than 30 meters in height) has been used as the main entrance of Hansi.

Sarai Mukand Dass in Haryana

The Sarai Mukand Dass is a historical building that is famous for 'Epigraph' located at Narnaul city of Haryana during the period of 'Shah Jahan'. This building is said to be built by the Rai Mukand Das; due to which, the building is also known as the 'Rai Mukund Dass ka Chatta' (belongs to the Ruling period of Shah Jahan). Chatta is the name of the builder used for naming this building. It has five levels in it and stands at a significant height that delights anyone who visits this place.

Chor Gumbad in Haryana

Chor Gumbad in Haryana

Chor Gumbad located in Haryana was constructed on an obscured rock and its structure looks like a square comprising 4 minarets which are raised upon the four corner square. Once upon a time, the city was ruled by the emperor called 'Feroz Shah' and it was earlier a hiding place of the thieves. The S-shaped arches of the spot is the prominent place that is similar to the tomb of 'Shah Wilayat'.

Ibrahim Lodhi Tomb in Haryana

Ibrahim Lodhi tomb is one of the famous monuments situated over a Rectangle block on an idealistic platform. This high structure of the temple is reached via the series of steps constructed using the lakhori bricks. Also there is a testament tomb of the battle fought several years ago. The spectacular resemblance of the entire state of Haryana is balanced by the decorated pillars as well as the carved arches.

The location has a huge religious importance, especially for the Muslim pilgrims. There is a tourist department that takes many steps to renovate the spot. Apart from that, even guides are available here to give historical information about this tomb.

Raja Harsha Ka Kila in Haryana

Raja Harsh Ka Tila of Haryana is an ancient tomb spread across 1 kilometer and is about 750 meters wide. This Kila is situated with an altitude of 15 meters through the nearby area and the location displays many cultures that is influenced since many years.

There are also the extremely magnificent  antiquities of Kushana period that consists of the Painted Greyware. Here one can watch the Polished Redware of the Post-Gupta period and large numbers of brick structures belong to the 'Raja Harsh Ka Kila' are of the ancient period. Also, there is a garden complex (devoted to the Mughal period) with varied cultural antiquities that drags attention of tourists.

Shah Quli Khan Tomb in Haryana

Shah Quli Khan Tomb located in Haryana has been constructed in the octagonal shape with a mixture of both red and grey sandstones. The tomb has an arched gateway established many centuries ago. After the tomb formation is done, the garden complex has been launched. The Shah Quli Khan's Tomb becomes the earliest type of the architecture built in the prevail of 'Akbar'. There is a big white dome that mesmerizes people from top and it is about 42 m tall. The white marble is used to build the lower storied tomb and the plaster of lime is used to construct the upper storied tomb. Such a significant beauty of the spot gives a great pleasure to the tourists.

Sheikh Chehli Mausoleum in Haryana

Haryana Sheikh Chehli Mausoleum

Sheikh Chehli Mausoleum of Haryana is another striking marble tomb built by the emperor Sher Shah Suri. This tomb is situated towards north of Thanesar and has been popular for its beauty and glory of  architecture. This monument looks similar to the Taj Mahal architecture and is found to be in the  octagonal shape which carries many marble arches and windows are embellished with attractive screens. You can visit this place at least once to experience the amazing architectural beauty of the Sheik Chehli Mausoleum.

Khwaza Khizr Tomb in Haryana

The presence of the Kankar blocks makes the Khwaza Khizr Tomb, a solitary structure that has been built using the red sandstone. The tomb has square-shaped platform that strengthens the projections. Also you can find the gateway where two openings have been embellished with arches to pass the entrance and one has to climb-up the steps to get near to the entrance. You can also observe the decorated ceiling that consists of the multi-colored floral designs with hues of yellow, red and green color that looks more colorful on the ceiling.

Palaces in Haryana

Haryana Palaces

Travelers can enjoy watching different types of Palaces in Haryana that are built in varied architectural-style. All palaces are located in many parts of Haryana, such as Gurgaon, Hansi, Hisar, Narnaul, Faridabad and some other places as well. These palaces have stood like a pillar to display the Rich history of the Haryana and tries to capture attention of large numbers of tourists with its grand architecture. 

Chatta Rai Mukand Dass in Haryana

Chatta Rai Mukand Dass of Haryana is a five-storied splendid structure established by Mukund Dass (a diwan of Narnaul during the ruling period of Shah Jahan). This great Mughal Ruler decorated the rooms and pavilions of this Palace in a great way and highlighted the excellent architecture. The palace consists of the popular Diwan-e-Khas embellished with the large pillars and its marble floors look brilliant. Even though the exterior of the Palace is bit simple, the inside architecture is good to visit.

Feroz Shah Palace in Haryana

Feroze Shah Palace (the historical monument constructed by the 'Feroze Shah', the Ruler of 'Tughlaq') lies in the district of Hisar in Haryana. This splendid spot includes the 'Rubble Masonry' wrapped by the thick lime plaster. The building was adorned with many pillars (borrowed from many temples)  carved with sandstone. These pillars are used to stand as a support to the arch structures and there is a palace complex with a large courtyard formed by two to three storied structures. Also there is a pillar hall that connects to many rooms and one can see a passage as well as the steps to climb-up and down the terrace. And one side of the terrace is embellished through water known as 'Lotus Tank'.

Gujari Mahal in Haryana

Mahal in HaryanaGujari Mahal in Haryana was constructed by famous Tughlaq ruler Feroze Shah who built this majestic palace for his beloved Gujari.

Gujari Mahal has a number of other structures that adorns the complex of the palace. Shahi Darwaza, Hamam, a mosque and Diwan-e Aam are some of the architectural structures that are worth visiting.

The Roof of the Palace has nine bays in support to a dome (hemisphere). The roof is made in plaster of lime, the walls on the exterior of the palace are made up of the red sandstone and the door frames are built using stone.

Jal Mahal in Haryana

One can enter Jal Mahal through a gatehouse established in the north direction at Hansi in Haryana. The foundation of the palace is found in square-shape with four corners, decorated with small chambers (two-storied structures). The upper storied can be climbed with the support of the series of steps; while, the staircases are built to the north direction, and the rest of the two storied are found in the south direction.

The Jal Mahal (interiors) looks extremely great, where you can observe the paintings on ceiling that is richly embellished in gold colors. Also there are certain geometrical motif designs, that makes everyone, speechless!

Forts in Haryana

Forts located in Haryana, have a magnificent architectural beauty, that takes tourists to a different world. These forts will not just creates attention with the amazing buildings, but also drags visitors with the surrounding views like the parks, gardens, etc.

Asigarh Fort in Haryana

Asigarh Fort, an old fort in Hansi, is said to be built by the very famous ruler 'Prithviraj Chauhan', a; popular king of the Hindu Chauhan Dynasty. This octagonal-shaped fort has been spread over an area of around with 30 acres (security posts on all the corners). 

Asigarh Fort Haryana
Source: Indianetzone

It is said that, the underground tunnel(passage) at this fort has been launched to link the 'Hansi' till 'Hisar'. There are also gates and walls at this fort, and these walls are decorated with the pictures of some hindu and jain deities, as well as birds and animals. Even, the ancient idols like the Mahavira and Buddha are also seen at the Open fort complex. Along with which, visitors can witness the sword manufacturing factory located at this fort.

Farukh Nagar Fort in Haryana

Farukh Nagar Fort located in the State of Haryana at Gurgaon, had been constructed during the 18th century by the Nawab called 'Faujdar Khan'. If you arrive this fort, you must visit the 'Dilli Darwaza', well-known as 'Delhi Gate'. There are five entrances for this gate; among which, Dilli Darwaza has been considered as the gateway of excellent entrance among 3 Surviving Darwazas. And the other two gateways (Darwazas) are such as the 'Patli Darwaza' and 'Jhajjari Darwaza'.

Chhachhrauli Fort in Haryana

Chhachhrauli Fort is located at the Karnal district in the state of Haryana, that comprises with the forts, and palaces, as well as the samadhis (Cemetris) of the ruling family, that describes the glory of the 'Chachhrauli' in Haryana. But during the year 1940, the fort became a place of government offices, as well as schools.

The King of Kalsia constructed a giant fort for his personal use, which  has a throne room, also a treasury known as 'Khazana' and the reception rooms. While, the entire fort was painted with murals on every side of the fort wall with various designs of flowers, birds, and some of the rulers, along with the modern views of the railway stations, trains, as well as the churches, etc.

Karnal Fort in Haryana

The Karnal Fort located at the Karnal district of Haryana, is said to be built by the King 'Gajpat Singh' who belonged to the Jind. this fort had been formed during the year 1764 AD, and it is currently occupied by the Tehsildar, for the sake of commercial and residential purposes.

Loharu Fort in Haryana

Loharu Fort was constructed by Arjun Singh in 1570 and is located in Loharu. The fort was built in both oriental and western style of architecture and has a fountain and a tank in the center. Although the fort is under the Haryana Government which operates a tehsil and a treasury office, tourists can visit the fort to view the architecture of the period.

Museums in Haryana

Museums in Haryana displays the ancient art, culture and lifestyle to the local and international tourists. These museums consists of the tribal art, as well as the science and technology, archaeology, and others. Also, several activities are conducted in these museums such as - keeping art exhibitions, displaying new discoveries, and conducting programs to give knowledge about the Rich Culture of Haryana and history as well. Such activities welcomes people in large numbers and thereby gives good knowledge to the visitors.

Museums in HaryanaSri Krishna Museum in Haryana

Sri Krishna Museum of Kurukshetra built in the year 1987, has been a major attraction of the city, that displays ancient and modern objects (Mahabharata or belongs to Lord Krishna).

Also, some of the antique objects are kept in the Museum, which are gathered from Kurukshetra. There are even certain historical objects collected from several regions of Kurukshetra.

At first when you enter the museum, you will see the Lord Ganesha statue (dancing pose). Then, inside the gallery, there are some other items like the excellent wood carvings and bronze casting, some ivory works as well as the stone sculptures and miniature paintings to name a few.

Panipat Museum in Haryana

The basic idea behind launching of the Panipat Museum is to share the information of archaeology, history, as well as art and crafts related to Haryana. Tourists will be able to inspect the amazing sculptures, antiquities, jeweleries, pottery, arts and crafts, and other valuable things at this museum. One can also watch the paintings, photography and other details about the great warriors who sacrificed their lives to save Panipat from other warriors.

You can also witness some of the miniatures grabbed from 'Baburnama and Akbarnama'. Such a great museum of Panipat includes a huge collection of the traditional arts and artifacts of many regions in Haryana.

Urusvati Museum of Folklore in Haryana

Urusvati Museum of Folklore (Gurgaon) is an exceptional Museum established in Shilkopur, which is dedicated to the Indian folk stories. The Museum also displays these stories via paintings, sculptures, etc. It punctuates the legendary love stories of the country as well as exhibits the costumes and jeweleries, musical instruments and other types of folk art and crafts which are situated in a beautiful landscape.

Keeping the Aravalli Mountain Ranges as its background, this museum is established at the center of a Jasmine garden that expands over a significant green land (more than 5 acres). This museum is on the way to Jaipur that draws many tourists at this spot.

Museum of Folk and Tribal Art in Haryana

The Museum of Folk and Tribal Art (Haryana) is one of the most varied collections of Indian folk and tribal art, which have been founded by 'Mr. K.C. Aryan', a famous art historian, a painter and a sculptor, as well as the writer of 23 scholar books. While, museum has been preserved to showcase the most valuable folk and tribal arts of India.

Museum of Folk and Tribal Art presents many exclusive handicrafts prepared out of wood, stone and iron. There are also certain religious arts as well as embroidered works and some other murals of Himachal Pradesh are also highlighted in this museum.

Museums of HaryanaHeritage Transport Museum in Haryana

The Heritage Transport Museum (Haryana) is devoted to the entire transport in India, that covers many types of transport such as airplanes, cars, commercial vehicles as well as the railways, etc.

This seems to be an exclusive museum that consists of new and modified themes as per the visitor's interests.

You can either pick a taxi on the street or catch some other vehicles as per the theme that interests you.

This will make you go craze in riding the ancient vehicles. Also if you come along with children, they will enjoy playing with the toys and cars (Bollywood).

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Dharohar Museum in Haryana

During the Golden Jubilee, the Kurukshetra University launched Dharohar Museum (Haryana) within the campus, to display the cultural, as well as the architectural heritage of Haryana. The Museum also consists of an open-air theater for the sake of performing cultural activities.

Thanesar Archaeological Site in Haryana

Thanesar Archaeological Site Museum, is said to be a prominent spot of Kurukshetra (Haryana) that is in the view of the archaeological history. It is the only museum that highlights the history of Thanesar in a most brilliant way, as per the Archaeological Survey of India. One can find ancient scriptures, stones as well as the terracotta sculptures, along with the coins and ornaments, the ritualistic objects and much more in the museum exhibition.

Kalpana Chawla Memorial Planetarium in Haryana

Kalpana Chawla Memorial Planetarium is a memorial planetarium situated at Jyotisar (Kurukshetra , Haryana), that has been developed for the unformal astronomy and science education. Such kind of education puts light on the life of Kalpana Chawla. This helps students to learn in a better way. Many educational activities are conducted at this planetarium to give good knowledge to the students, teachers as well as the general public.

Panorama Science Museum in Haryana

The Kurukshetra Panorama Science Center (Haryana) is another exclusive building (cylindrical shape), used to exhibit the active models of different activities established in the museum. This tall cylindrical museum displays its elegant architecture with a View of the epic (Live battle of Kurukshetra).

Haryana Panorama Science Museum

When you stand in the middle of the cylindrical hall, you can experience the 34 feet high paintings of 18 episodes (battle within the Pandavas and the Kauravas appear live to the eyes). One can witness the war scenes with lighting illusions and also a Science Park outside the museum' s building.

Tunnel Museum in Haryana

Tunnel Museum in Haryana consists of a 20m section that provides a small view (hopes and horrors) to its visitors. One can notice photos that are stick over the walls to the shell-pounded house, where the tunnel is hidden with an entrance of about 20-minute video that displays the City video and the wartime tunnel experience.

National Parks in Haryana

Haryana is a wonderful state that comprises of many National Parks that captures vision of not only the local people, but also large numbers of national and international tourists.

Haryana National Parks

If one park is famous for fountains, the other park is popular due to the migration of birds, and some parks are famous for arrival of wildlife species. There are also certain parks which are well-known for medicinal tree plantations. Even, one can visit some parks, where Research centers are located.

Such types of National Parks are highlighted as below.

Sultanpur National Park in Haryana

Sultanpur National Park (Haryana) as well as the Bird Sanctuary is a heaven for birdwatchers. There are a large variety of animals and aquatic plants which attracts a migratory as well as a variety of resident birds, and due to poor monsoons, groundwater will get dry in a grassy land. However, during winters, the lake will have enough amount of water and grabs attention of wide range of the migratory birds.

Kalesar National Park in Haryana

Kalesar National Park is a giant National Park in Haryana, where a visitor can view the Amazing view of 11,000 acres of the Sal Forests. It includes a dangerous service ladder that dangles down, and is worth for a traveler to move to this Top location within the Park. There is a natural or a man-made watering hole, which captures the attention of the wildlife to visit this place to quench their thirst. While, Forest Department that operates the Kalesar National Park makes proper arrangement to the visitors to come closer to wildlife.

Aravali Biodiversity National Park in Haryana

Adibadri Biodiversity Park is situated with a distance of 40 Kms from the Yamunanagar town, and towards the north direction of the town. One can arrive on the road that passes through the Bilaspur town. From the nearest village, the distance of this location seems to be just 2 Kms and lies at the foothills of the Siwaliks.

One can visit the temples such as the Adi-Badri Narayana, Shri Kedar Nath, as well as the Mantra Devi Temples, which are established near the amazing terrain that is completely a reflection of the beautiful Nature.

Jindal National Park in Haryana

Haryana Jindal National Park
Jindal Park is situated in the place of Kurukshetra of Haryana, and the main attraction of the park is its memorable garden, where a beautiful Torso Bust which is 4 ft in its height has been constructed in his memory.

This park aims to provide different experience to the people of several age groups. And there is an ‘O P Jindal Park’, where one can experience the inner peace, and explore themselves in a peaceful atmosphere. Along with excellent scenic beauty and entertainment, visitors of this park can experience the positive energy as well.

Leisure Valley National Park in Haryana

Leisure Valley Park in Haryana has been spread with an area of 25 acres, where the major attraction seems to be the musical fountain that crystallizes the place during the night.

There is also a fountain at this park that dazzles during night times, offering a very great ‘Panaromic View’. Here, the water gushes out with different patterns, and dances as per the music played. Large numbers of visitors arrive here to experience the splendid view of this Leisure Valley Park.

Chaudhary Devi Lal Nature Park in Haryana

The Chaudhary Devi Lal Nature Park (Haryana) is a popular as a Research Center near Chuharpur village. Many rarely found trees such as the Teak, the Shisham as well as the Simbal and Khair are available in this park. Also there are flourishing numbers of medicinal plants where the Research Center is evolved close to the hilly belt of the Shivaliks.

One can also become witness to the Medicinal herbal trees, which were planted along with other plants and the park expands its area with herbal garden that has 200+ medicinal species of plants.

The park is so wide that, it has provided good facility for the tourists to walk and sit, people can even read about the uses of the plants and description on the name plates hanged everywhere. This gives good knowledge to the readers.

Mughal and Yadavindra Gardens in Haryana

The Mughal Gardens is one of the beautiful gardens that lies in the Pinjore region (Haryana). This Garden takes the visitors to the ancient Aryan period. One can find the ruins of Bhima Devi temple as well as the ancient baths of 17th century A.D. The Mughal Garden was built by Fidai Khan during the same period, and you can witness palaces like the Rang Mahal, along with the Shish Mahal as well as the Jal Mahal in this Mughal Gardens.

Haryana Yadavindra Gardens

Yadavindra Gardens is another wonderful garden designed by the Fidai Khan (the foster brother of Aurangzeb and the famous Mughal Emperor). Now, these gardens are facilitated for the sake of conferences. Even food and drinking facility is also available at this garden restaurants, guestrooms as well as the bar.

Cactus Garden in Haryana

Cactus Garden is said to be the Asia's biggest garden and if you miss to visit this place, your trip to Haryana may become incomplete. This Cactus Garden lies in the city of Panchkula (Haryana), and this garden has large numbers of endangered species (approximately 3,500 species and above). These botanists as well as the cactus enthusiasts will drag themselves to this unique garden every year during the month of march.

This Cactus garden has 272 species related to genus Mammillaria, as well as the other 160 species that are very naturally found outdoor. Besides these, there are some other awesome plants of Aloe Speciosa, along with the Aloe Ferox and some varied range of species. Overall, Garden has huge collection of different types of Cactus plant species that creates a great enthusiasm in students while gaining knowledge about these species.

Things to do in Haryana

There are many things to do in Haryana. If you visit the state, you can surely move to the beaches, lakes, hill stations, and some other wonderful places.

Haryana is a state of the memorable historic past, with the ancient structures and buildings such as museums, forts, palaces, temples, churches, mosques or gurudwaras, which are evocative to this fact. Some of the ancient valuable evidences have been found from certain archaeological places in the the state.

Below are some of the things that you can do in Haryana.

Exploring Haryana

There are lots of things to do in Haryana-

Heritage Walk in Haryana

You can go for heritage walk in Haryana that involves the visiting to the museums, forts as well as the palaces. You can find different themes in each museums. If some museums display scientific instruments, some display musical instruments, while others display arts and artifacts. While, few museums give importance for the spiritual and regional themes. 

One can visit the palaces that lets the travelers to wander in the gardens of the Palaces, as well as enter the corridor of the Palaces and experience the different style of architecture.You can also walk into the forts that let you know the history of the past wars held at this place - how the rulers hide inside these forts, etc. Even, you can go to the tombs and monuments to enjoy the amazing architecture, that commemorates the early emperors.

Nature Walk in Haryana

The Nature Walk in Haryana includes 'hill stations in Haryana' that come alive with cool places along with great weather, where there are green forests, hot water springs as well as the waterfalls and lakes, etc.

You can even move to National Parks in Haryana to explore a wide range of different species of animals and birds that gives you a good memorial experience. These parks are the perfect picnic spots to visit with family.

Nature Walk in Haryana

Apart from these, travelers can enjoy the luxurious trekking and boating along with other adventure activities. There are basically two prominent hill stations in Haryana, which includes the 'Dhosi Hill' and 'Sohna'. Dhosi Hill is located at Narnaul town in Haryana, that has become popular due to the Sage Chavan (Rishi Chavan) who performed Penance here. There are some other attractions such as the 'Chavan Shrine' and 'Shiva kund' nearby this place.

Sohna hill station provides a peaceful and charming natural beauty, whose scenic view is brilliant. Due to its release of the golden dust, it got its name as 'Sohna' that presents the breathtaking picture especially during the night view of the Aravali range. 

Shopping in Haryana

Shopping is a best thing to do in Haryana. One can buy the embroidered shoes (known as 'juttis'), also you can purchase the embroidered Salwar Kameez called 'phulkari' – it's a kind of long tunics that is worn on loose pyjamas. If you wish to buy the bedspreads and cushion covers, street markets will be the right one, where you will get these bed accessories at an affordable price. You can also buy woolen clothes and carpets (so called dhurries) as well. Haryana has become too modernized with large numbers of shopping malls located to make it easy for the local as well as international visitors to buy all items in one place.

Eating Out in Haryana

Along with the fast foods at the shopping malls, one can also try eating food at the famous restaurants, as well as the street food in Haryana. These fast food items are absolutely delightful. You can taste the blend of multi-cuisines such as the Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican and others at an affordable price. Even, you can have some snacks, and light breakfast at the restaurants.

Dancing in Haryana

Haryana Dance

Are you looking to enjoy with the drinking and dancing group in Haryana? Well, you can find them in various places. If you want to watch the folk dances, like the Saang dance, you must visit towns and villages. Here, you can find most of the people dancing in groups, comprising of 12 men who dance disguising themselves as women, and thereby plays female characters, and displays the religious stories.

You can also attend Chhathi Dance that is performed only after the child's birth (especially male child) in the town. And this dance is arranged mainly at night, highlighting the Romantic stories.

Other than these, drinking and dancing are found commonly in pubs and bars, 5 star hotels, etc. You can even find people dancing in certain malls as well.

How to Reach Haryana

Haryana Transport System

Tourists can make use of different ways to reach Haryana and all ways are good enough to reach. One can use Rail, Road or Air ways to reach this place. All these transportation facilities are available throughout India, as Haryana is connected from all sides of India - North, South, East and West.

By Air
If you want to reach Haryana through flight, you must pick the nearest airport Chandigarh or Surajkund. That means, while booking flight to Haryana, you must choose the Chandigarh or Surajkund airport of Delhi.

By Rail
In case, you wish to travel by railway, you can select the closest airport like the Faridabad, Ambala, Gurgaon, and Chandigarh. All these places are very well-connected to Delhi from a Shatabdi Express. So get down at Delhi in any of these places, then reach Haryana by local taxis or Autorikshaws.

By Road
Even, all these places Faridabad, Gurgaon and Chandigarh becomes the best nearest places to reach Haryana by private buses or any other means of road transport like cars or taxis, etc.

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