Transport in Haryana

In recent few years, Haryana has emerged to be as one of the most important business centres in India and, thus, Haryana Government has invested a lot to provide proper transportation facilities to the people. The common modes of transportation in the state of Haryana are roadways, railways and airports. The state is very well connected to the rest of the states in India through its wonderful network of roadways, railways and airways. The state has a number of international airports too, which provide a brilliant opportunity for the international travellers to land in the state directly.

Roadways in Haryana

Transport in Haryana

The Government of Haryana has formed a body called as Haryana Roadways State Transport that is a public transport unit which provide passenger transport services in the state. It is a public sector corporation that works under the Ministry of Transportation of the Government of Haryana. The headquarters of the corporation is located in Chandigarh, Haryana. After Haryana was carved out of Punjab in 1966, a separate transportation system, in order to connect all the parts of the state conveniently, named as HRTL was formed along with two Regional Transport Authorities (RTA). Three more RTAs were appointed in Faridabad, Ambala and Hisar, while on 16th January 1991, three more RTAs were established in Karnal, Rewari and Rohtak.

Haryana Roadways covers approximately 11.41 lakhs kilometres every day, carrying 12.34 lakhs passengers everyday. There are all together 446 inter-state and 1204 intra-state routes in Haryana. Over the years, Haryana Roadways have earned a reputation for providing high-quality transportation services to the people. In order to provide better transportation services to the people, Haryana Roadways have taken several steps.

Director General State Transport is the head of the transportation unit in the state and is responsible for providing economical, efficient, convenient and safe transportation services to the people in the whole state. The Haryana Roadways features with a fleet of approximately 4000 buses, which operate from 24 different depots and each depot is headed by the General Manager. There are 13 sub-depots as well, which come under the concerned depot.

Department of State Transport Haryana

Head Office Address: 2nd Floor, 30 Bays Building, Sector 17, Chandigarh EPBX No. 0172-2722980
Fax: 2727263
Email: [email protected]

Roads in Haryana

Haryana is blessed with a brilliant network of roads and highways, the Government has taken necessary steps to construct roads and highways for the convenience of the people. The roads in the state are connected to every portion of the state and, thus, provide easy transportation services to the people living in the state. At present Haryana is served by total number of 29 National Highways and State Highways, the National Highways has the total length of about 1461.7 kilometres, on the other hand State Highways feature with a total length of 2494 kilometres. Haryana also features with 5 expressways. All these expressways and highways connect to each other to form a network providing easy transportation services in the state as well as to the neighbouring states.

List of National Highways in Haryana

  • National Highway 1
  • National Highway 10
  • National Highway 2
  • National Highway 22
  • National Highway 65
  • National Highway 709
  • National Highway 8
  • National Highway 907
  • Ambala–Jagadhri Highway
  • National Highway 71
  • National Highway 71A
  • National Highway 71B
  • National Highway 72
  • National Highway 73
  • National Highway 73A
  • National Highway 8
  • National Highway 907

List of Expressways in Haryana

  • Ambala Chandigarh Expressway
  • Delhi Faridabad Skyway
  • Delhi Gurgaon Expressway
  • Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad expressway
  • Kundli–Manesar–Palwal Expressway

List of State Highways in Haryana

  • Jagadhri-Bilaspur-Sadhaura Naraingarh Raipur Rani Road
  • Surewala Chowk to Fatehabad
  • Kala Amb Sadhaura Shahbad Thol
  • Saha to Ambala
  • Sharanpur Radaur Pipli Pehowa Chika
  • Jagadhri-Paonta
  • Karnal Ladwa Shahbad
  • Kunjpura Karnal Kaithal Khanauri
  • Kaithal to Pehowa Patiala
  • Gohana Jind Barwala Agroha Adampur Bhadra
  • Meerut Sonepat Gohana Assandh Kaithal Patiala
  • Deoban Naguran
  • Karnal Assandh Jind Hansi Tosham Sodiwas
  • Gurgaon-Sohna-Nuh-Nagina(Badkali Chowk)-Ferozepur Jhirka-Alwar
  • Sirsa-Rania-Dabwali road
  • Panipat Safidon Jind Bhiwani Loharu
  • Shahjahanpur-Rewari road
  • Jhajjar Farraqnagar Gurgaon
  • Sanauli Panipat and Rohtak Bhiwani
  • Gohana Lakhan Majra Meham Chang
  • Nizampur Narnaul Mohindergarh Dadri Bhiwani Hansi Barwala Tohana Munak
  • Rohtak Kharkhoda Delhi Border
  • Siwani Singhani road
  • Murthal Sonepat Kharkhoda Sampla Jhajjar Jahajgarh Chhuchakwas Dadri Loharu
  • Budhlada Ratia Fatehabad Bhattu Bhadra
  • Bahadurgarh Jhajjar Kosli
  • Sardulgarh-Sirsa Ellenabad
  • Rewari Dahina Kanina Mohindergarh Satnali Loharu
  • Gurgaon Rewari Narnaul Singhana
  • Saha to Shahbad

Rail Transport in Kerala

Rail Transport in Haryana

The northern state of Haryana is managed by the Northern Railways unit of the Indian Railways, which is a governmental body. The northern grid of railways has several thousand kilometres of railway tracks which connects to the whole country as well as various towns and cities within the state. There is a total number of 59 railway stations in Haryana, among which the most popular and heavily used railway stations are in Palwal, Ganaur, Ballabgarh, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Sonipat, Tohana and Karnal, etc. Some of the most popular and extensively used railway stations in Haryana are:
Connectivity in Haryana
  • Bahadurgarh Railway Station
  • Ganaur Railway Station
  • Ballabgarh Railway Station
  • Jagadhri Wshop Railway Station
  • Jakhal Junction Railway Station
  • Bhiwani Railway Station
  • Jind Junction Railway Station
  • Narwana Junction Railway Station
  • Palwal Railway Station
  • Pataudi Road Railway Station
  • Ambala City Railway Station
  • Faridabad Railway Station
  • Gurgaon Railway Station
  • Rewari Railway Station
  • Kurukshetra Junction Railway
  • Sonipat Railway Station
  • Ambala Cantonment Railway
  • Panipat Junction Railway Station
  • Karnal Railway Station
  • Rohtak Junction Railway Station

Local Transport in Haryana

Haryana has a brilliant network of bus services, the government has taken necessary steps to provide high quality transportation services to the people through its network of buses. Bus service ‘Saarthi’ have been introduced, which is a Volvo AC bus service on the Chandigarh-Delhi-Faridabad and Chandigarh-Delhi-Gurgaon routes. ‘Haryana Gaurav’ deluxe bus service, also called ‘Aam Adami Ki Khas Bus’ have been introduced which provides facilities like mobile charger, FM radio, deluxe type 2x2 seats, tinted glasses, curtains and pneumatically operated doors etc. at ordinary tariff rates. Around 200 deluxe buses operate under the name of Haryana Gaurav services. A CNG bus service called as ‘Haryana Uday’ was launched in the NCR and around three hundred buses are already in service under this name.

Auto rickshaws in Haryana

Local Transport HaryanaAuto rickshaws are the most popular mode of transportation in India. These are developed to cover short distances within a range of 20 to 30 kilometres. The seating capacity in the auto rickshaws is quite less, so if you are travelling in a group of more than 3 people, it is more likely that you will have to hire more than one auto rickshaw. The small size of the auto rickshaw gives it an advantage as it is easy to navigate narrow streets and lanes. The smaller size of these auto rickshaws makes them the best option to visit narrow roads. A well organized network of auto rickshaws is at all major cities of Haryana. Each auto rickshaw is equipped with a digital meter which provide you information about the distance travelled and amount of money you will be charged, thus, there is no chance that you will be over charged.

Taxis in Haryana

Taxis are the most preferred and convenient mode of transportation within the city. Usually the charges of the taxis are fixed or according to the meter that is installed in the taxi itself, so you don’t have to be worried about being overcharged. You can also book a taxi in advance for a prearranged sum of tariff, which will enable you that you don’t have to pay any extra charge while travelling.

Private Cars for Hire in Haryana

There are plenty of private companies that offer private car hire services. When you hire a private car, you will be provided with a chauffeured service and the driver will be licensed to drive the car commercially. The main advantage of the private cars is that you can travel to any part of the state in a very convenient basis. Usually the private cars are hired on the hourly basis, but you can also negotiate a total package that will allow you to travel at all the locations in Haryana in a convenient manner.

Airways in Haryana

Airways in Haryana

There are a total number of 7 airports in Haryana, among which 2 serves in the Air Force, one is an international airport and rest are domestic airports or used as flying clubs. Chandigarh Airport is the only international airport in Haryana and is among one of the major airports in North India, which is served by a total number of 26 domestic flights. The international flights from Chandigarh Airport have not yet been started, but there is a plan to operate international flights to some countries from this airport. An international airport is also being constructed in Mohali, which will be soon be ready for providing its services.

List of the airports in Haryana

  • Hisar Airport: It is used as a domestic Airport and aviation club
  • Ambala Air Force Station: The airport is used for military and government flights.
  • Sirsa Air Force Station: It serves as an Indian Air Force base.
  • Bhiwani Airport: It is also used as a domestic Airport.
  • Kalka Airport: This airport is also used as a domestic airport.
  • Karnal Flying Club: It is used for training the pilots and general aviation.
  • Chandigarh Airport: It is used as a domestic airport, but will soon be changed into an international airport.
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